People Who Just Flat Out Lied On Social Media, And Then Paid The Price For The Same

The thing about the Internet is that if you’re going to post something for the whole world wide web to read, you’d better make sure you’re not just pull-ing things out of thin air. In other words, people know how to use Google and will call you out on that crap. And as you can see from these people, it can be pretty ruthl-ess, but also highly entertain*ng…

What’s more terrifying? The thought of mechan*cally separated chicken or the Teletubb-ies? They’re both pretty unpleasant prospects, but I think I would rather ingest the pink goo than have to dive headfirst into the realm of Teletubbies.

Sure, we all went to high school… …but that doesn’t mean we actually did the homework.

Maybe she’s going to take a nap at the club? Or maybe she’s trying to be a little sneaky and having limited success. Don’t lie, folks, especially in the age of social media.

She might have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for that p-esky “via mobile” situation. A-las.

But he will tell you not to put words in his mouth. That guy looks like he knows exactly how to get in shape, so I’m inclined to believe him when he says what is or isn’t the right way to get the job done. And speaking of how not to get in shape…

Using Photoshop is also a really bad workout method. Apparently, it’ll eat your bellybutton right off your tummy.

Hey, lots of people named Claire go by the nickname Rebecca, right? No? They don’t? Hm…

Did I say Paris? I meant Paris, Australia. Tiny little city. You’ve probably never heard of it.

Unfortunately for this gnarly powder carver, there’s this little thing called “Google.” Have you heard of it, dude? Reverse image lookup is the bane of a liar’s existence.

“Christmas isn’t about bragging rights!” *Immediately brags on social media* Yeah. I have no problem with this person getting called out. This next social media liar may just have discovered time travel…

The weird thing about time is that someone can’t be born in 1977 and have the perfect body in 1955. I know. It’s so weird, right?

Well, vegan minus chicken and beef…and maybe eggs and some dairy. Other than that, totally, 100-percent vegan. Oh, and sushi.

You know…Dave! Goofy Dave! He’s also a model, so there’s that. Chances are, she doesn’t know him. So how is she going to br-eak the news that the engagement’s off?

It’s good to be confident! But it’s bad to be a liar. This next person also didn’t go the library… Or did they?!

Seriously, is there a serial library computer hacker out there, just making up lies for everyone on the Internet to see? Don’t they know it’s illegal to lie on the Internet?