Actor Jamie Foxx Reveals Ki-ssing Beyoncé In ‘Dreamgirls’ Movie Was Unenjoyable – VIDEO

Jamie Foxx is still a viable “box office” draw, with his latest movie Project Power landing firmly in Netflix’s list of popular titles upon its release.

The Oscar award winner is a versatile entertainer, able to sing, play instruments and act at the same – all skills which lead to his Oscar win. The one thing he cannot do, however, enjoys ki-ssing Queen Bey – even if she is who she is.

Garcelle Beauvais sat down recently with her old castmate, Oscar winner Jamie Foxx and remi-nisced about their time together – and the relationship that never was.

“By the way, you never really give any guy that I’m with any real attention,” Garcelle told her old friend. Jamie responded, “Ever. I ha-te them all.

I think me and you should have been together. So, every time I see them, I’m always like, ‘Damn. I f***ed up.’ So every dude, I will be like — I give them a really sh*tty look,” before adding “Listen, we are in a relationship forever.”Garcelle talked about how s*x-positive reality star Kandi Burruss came onto the show and Jamie’s name came up – as well as some other information about him, courtesy of Garcelle.

“Kandi Burruss was on the podcast and she goes ‘you know I don’t get it. Why aren’t you and Jamie together?’ and said, ‘you know we have a really great relationship now.’ Then I said, ‘he’s also hu-ng like a horse.’”After everyone in the room bu-rst out into laughter at Garcelle’s off the cu-ff remark, she pressed on. “I was like ‘What would I do with all that?’”Jamie, ever the Southern Texas gentleman responded to her jokingly, “You know, you’d take it one step at a time. What you can’t eat, just put in a do-ggy bag and save it for later.”

Jamie’s taking it one step at a time, in the meantime, as he transforms into legendary bo-xer Mike Tyson. He’s set to portray Iron Mike in a biopic fli-ck that will no doubt prime him for another Oscar win – if he can humanize the bo-xer, which is what he aims to do. For his part in taking on the role of Mike Tyson, who’s been an oversized figure in sports for years, Foxx says that he wants to play a version of Mike that shows his nuanced, human side as opposed to just the contr-oversies and gossip that have always followed him.

“We want to show, everybody evo-lves,” Foxx shared. “I think when we lay the layers on Mike Tyson in this story, I think everybody from young and old will be able to understand this man’s journey.”It’s this acting prowess that powered his interactions with such heavywei-ghts like Beyoncé on the set of 2006 h-it box office movie Dreamgirls, which also ne-tted Jennifer Hudson her first Oscar win.

While Jamie’s no slo-uch to the craft, he was very hes-itant about taking on the task of ki*sing Beyoncé during one of their love scenes in the movie. They play husband and wife in the movie but Foxx later told fans during a performance for his 2007 album Unpredictable that it wasn’t as enjoyable as one may have hoped. Referencing one of Jay-Z’s hit songs, Foxx shared with the Madison Square Garden audience that he couldn’t k!ss Beyoncé without hearing “Jiggg-Aaah!” in his head because he knew that she was Jay-Z’s girl.Judging from Jay’s back story, one can see why Jamie may have been a bit nervous, even though his star shines as bright as hers.

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