Dreams Come True: Aircraft Cleaner Becomes A Pilot After 24 Years Of Hardwork

This Ni-ger*an man’s story is proof that dreams come true, especially when you’re working h*rd and never lo-se faith. After 24 years of persistent work, he fulfills his dream of becoming a pilot. Muhammed Abubakar started working as an airplane cleaner about 24 years ago. This wasn’t his initial choice of job.

Before he was a cleaner, Muhammed went to Kaduna to apply at Kaduna Polytechnic. Unfortunately, he couldn’t send his application on time, and he wasn’t accepted. He couldn’t stay unemployed for long, so he took a casual job as an aircr-aft cleaner at Kabo Air. Next Muhammed had the chance to apply for a job as a crew member at Kabo Air, and after solid performance, he got the job.

He was working there for 8 years, for a monthly salary of N17,000. After this, he moved on to Aero Contractors as a flight attendant. Soon his sh*rp mind and his previous experience paid off. He was noticed by the Deputy Managing Director. His salary was now N170,000. He couldn’t believe it. In fact, when he received his first paycheck, he tr-ied to return the money.

Inst-ead of thoughtlessly spending his salary, Abubakar decided to save it. He went to the managing director and told him about his dream of becoming a pilot. The director loved the idea and supported Muhammed. Soon he was able to pay for his private pilot license in Canada. He successfully finished his training.

When Abubakar returned to Ni-ger*a he found out that he also needs a commercial pilot license but this time he didn’t have enough money. This didn’t cr*sh his sp!rit.

He asked the Deputy Managing Director for help, and because of his loyalty, the company assisted him. They sent him back to Canada for this license and sponsored his training.After eight years of h*rd work in Aero Contractors, Muhammed Abubakar finally got a job as a captain at Azman Air.

His journey wasn’t easy but his determinat-ion and his faith helped him become everything he’s ever dreamed of. Muhammed’s story is a pure example of how, when you work h*rd and you never lo-se hope, you can achieve everything you want in life. After all, dreams don’t work unl-ess you do.