Boy Offer His Luxury Seat 88-Year-Old-Woman To FulFill Her Lifelong Dream

After all, it doesn’t come cheap. An average first-class seat is around $2,000 – $3,000. All that money for a flight can be too much, and not everyone can afford it. While the plane is the safest way to travel, you can still get very anx-ious in a flight, especially when it’s turbulent. The comforts that first-class seats offer help to ease the anxiety. Plus, the food is always great.

What if we come across a st**nger who is willing to swap seats with us on a flight for their first-class seat? It may seem like a crazy idea, but this is a true story, one that would show us that kindness always wins.

She’s a retired nurse who frequently travels from London to New York to visit her daughter. However, this time, it took her long to fly to her daughter since she underwent knee sur*ery.

She was just from that said visit and was on her way back to London. Violet str**k a conversation with Jack while waiting to board the plane. She shared that it was her dream to fly first class. Little did she know that this is the flight that would make her dreams come true.

As they entered the plane, Jack went all the way to where Violet was seated. Violet couldn’t believe what just happened, but Jack was glad to bring a smile to the old lady’s face.


Jack and his family booked Vi!gin Atlantic’s upper-class cabin their equivalent to first-class seats. After talking to Violet, he offered her his seat in a heartb-eat. Flight attendant Leah Amy shared this heartwarming story on her Facebook account.

She even expressed that though she operated flights along with celebrities, models, and athletes, this is still the most memorable en*oun!er she had. With V**let’s permission and request, she took a selfie with the old lady who must have felt so delighted with her experience.