Rumors That Black Panther Star Chadwick Boseman’s Wife Taylor Simone Ledward May Be Pregnant

The sudden loss of Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman sho-cked everyone. On Aug. 28, Chadwick’s family released a statement confirming the actor had passed away from co-lon canc-er, which he’d been privately d!agnosed with in 2016.

“It is with immeasurable gr-ief that we confirm the passing of Chadwick Boseman,” the statement said. “Chadwick was d!agnosed with stage III col-on canc-er in 2016, and ba-ttled with it these last [four] years as it progressed to stage IV.”

It’s been a month since Chadwick passed away at only 43 years old, and fans are still gri-eving the loss. But a recent rumor has begun to fuel some fans’ hope that Chadwick may have passed on his legacy before he passed away.

There are new rumors that Chadwick’s wife, Taylor Simone Ledward, is pregnant. Are these rumors true? Just like his canc-er d!agnosis, Chadwick was very good at keeping his pr-ivate life out of the public eye. In fact, he didn’t go public with his then-girlfriend until 2019.

Taylor is a singer, though she didn’t have as public of a profile as Chadwick did. While the first time Taylor attended a red carpet event with Chadwick wasn’t until the 2019 Screen Actors Guild Awards, the two had actually been together since 2015, according to Oprah Mag.

He had been spotted with her on occasion over the next few years, though Chadwick never publicly commented on his relationship status. In October of 2019, the duo officially got engaged.

But while fans were patiently waiting for details of their wedding, the two actually got married in private shortly before his loss. They did not disclose their marriage publicly, much like the rest of their relationship. It’s unclear exactly how long they were married before Chadwick’s loss.

Understandably, Chadwick’s passing has been hard for everyone, but especially his wife and family. But now, a new rumor is suggesting that before his loss, Chadwick and Taylor got pregnant.”Chad wanted kids, and so did [Taylor],” a source so-calling told MTO News. “Since they knew he was leaving us, I wouldn’t be surprised if he got her pregnant, so she can carry his seed.”

Apparently, some have taken Taylor’s recent (and very, very slight) weight gain as confirmation that she’s carrying Chadwick’s child, with the source telling the outlet: “Yeah, she looks pregnant to me. She [was] much skinnier before.” Obviously, putting on a few pounds is not indicative that someone is pregnant, but it’s no surprise that some fans are holding out hope that this rumor might be true.

Taylor, nor anyone in Chadwick’s family has responded to these rumors, so at this time, it’s not possible to confirm or deny whether Taylor is pregnant. Considering how recent Chadwick’s passing was, if Taylor is pregnant, it’s likely she’s co-ping with it in pri-vate, and until she chooses to address the rumors, we won’t know either way.

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