Veteran Ha-uled Into Court For Parking In Di-sabled Bay While Waiting For A New Blue Badge

A w-ar hero who lost both his legs after a b*mb bl*st in Afgh*nistan has been f!ned for parking in a d!sabled bay.

Ex-Lance Corporal Tyler Christopher was handed the parking ticket while he was sleeping in his car at a Sheffield sporting event but says his pros-thetic legs were clearly visible in the footwell of his vehicle.

Tyler’s blue badge which enables him to park in a d!sabled bay was not on display because it was being renewed. He told the Sun: ‘The warden must have been really sne-aky to do it all while I was sleeping.

‘He never put a ticket on the windscreen because I would have woken up and I would have explained that I didn’t have my Blue Badge with me because it was being renewed.’

Tyler appealed the fine – which was issued by Vehicle Control Services – but it was upheld by a Carmarthen District Court and he was fo-rced to pay an increased amount of £120, according to the Sun.

Tyler, who lost his legs while serving in Afgh*nistan in 2009, was taking a nap in his modified BMW with his head and shoulders visible between the two front seats. The veteran, who is also captain of Team GB’s para-ice hockey squ-ad said his wheelchair could be seen in the back of the car. Vehicle Control Services have been contacted for comment.

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