After Separating From Lori Hip Hop Mogul ‘Diddy’ Spotted With Australian Model Tina Louise In Malibu Beach

Diddy is dating Brian Austin Green’s ex-girlfriend?!

The hip-hop mogul was recently spotted ma-king out with supermodel Tina Louise, who made huge headlines in the past few months for being spotted out on dates with ‘90210’ star Brian Austin Green.

The ‘Bad Boy’ CEO was photographers lo*nging on the sand in Malibu beach with the Australian model, and at one point she cra-wled up to the rapper and k!ssed him several times.

At one point, Diddy even covered the duo up so he could get a little more action! As we reported, the 38-year old model made huge headlines after she was spotted out with Brian Austin Green following his spl!t with Megan Fox.

Tina, who boasts 2.4 Million Instagram followers is known for posting mindblowing l!ngerie photos on her social media. It’s unclear how Diddy and Tina met, but according to reports Louise connected with BAG on Instagram. Sliding into the DM’s?!

In the past few days, Tina has shared videos on her IG story of mind-blowing views from high above the Malibu co-ast, similar to the ones shared by the hip-hop mogul. It’s unclear how serious the relationship is at this point, but one thing is for certain…it was a serious make-out session!

Earlier this month, Tina cla-pped back at haters who complained about the model sharing to-ns of skin in her photos on Instagram. ‘Why do you need to show your bo-dy that much?’ asked a tr-oll online. Tina responded by sharing a video of herself in a tiny b!kini. “Does it off*nd you that I’m confident and comfortable with my se*uality?’ she wrote.

As for the spl!t with Brian Austin Green, according to one report, Tina was getting “a lot of social media hate” from Megan Fox fans. Apparently, the bu*lying online was “di*heartening and really affe*ted her” and “played a part in the br*akup.” The problem is, the online cha-tter is going to be even bigger with a massive star like Diddy.

As you know, Diddy was with singer Cassie for 11 years, before the couple spl!t in 2018. The hip-hop mogul congratulated the singer on reports she was expecting her first child with boyfriend Alex Fine.“Congratulations at Cassie and Alex. I wish you all nothing but love and happiness,” Diddy wrote on Instagram. Adding, “God bless ❤️❤️❤️ L O V E.” Could This Be A Serious Le-ap For Diddy?! Stay Tuned.

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