Dr Dre Wins In Legal Ba-ttle With Ex-Wife Who Demanded To Pay More Than $1M In Expenses

Nicole Young, Dre’s wife of 24 years, was reportedly asking for $1.9 million each month to cover her expenses, which would cover the likes of her security, laundry, and cleaning, to her mo-rtgage and phone bill.

The $1.9 million was on top of Dre paying for Young’s $5 million lawyer fees, something he had reportedly already done despite the case only having gone on for two months.

Dre – whose real name is Andre Young – recently h-it back at cla!ms she needed a vast amount of money, stating that it seemed like ‘the wr-ath of an a*gry person being exac-erbated by opportunistic lawyers’.

However, despite Young’s legal team’s efforts, during a court ba-ttle that took place yesterday, October 1, the judge said Dre did not have to pay these fees, TMZ reports. The judge also reje-cted her legal team’s request to move the hearing regarding the $5 million in attorney’s fees forwards from January to this month.

Young’s lawyers responded to the decision, stating that their client needed the $1.5 million to pay for security – among other things – as she’d been receiving loss th*eats in light of their separation. However, the judge reje-cted this because Young had d!smissed the security team that Dre was paying for.

The 50-year-old had cla!med her ex-husband was ‘too controlling’ with the previous security, and that he thr*atened to f!re them if they did not follow his orders. Despite the judge voting in favor of the rapper, Dre’s lawyer stated that he was still happy to pay for Young’s expenses pending the d!vorce – including security.

The judge then stated that Young could hire her own security team, but they must not cost more than what Dre was paying. Young has previously cla!med that Dre had ‘ab*sive control’ over her during their marriage and that he ki*ked her out of their home while dru-nk in April of this year.

This arg*ment is reportedly what ultimately led to their d!vorce. However, the judge stated that these cla!ms were nothing like other serious, domestic ab*se cases that he has to deal with. He added that if Dre does exercise control over her, that she can fi-le for a restra!ning order.

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