Dr Dre’s Ex Wife Nicole Is Under Investigation By The LAPD For Embe-zzling $400k From The Rapper’s Business Account

Dr. Dre’s estranged wife Nicole Young is under police investigation amid cla!ms she embe-zzled more than $385,000 from the rapper’s business account.

Young is acc*sed of st*aling funds from Dre’s Record One recording studio on two occasions, including one withdrawal of $353,571.85 in August.

The LAPD confirmed to DailyMail.com it is looking into the matter after studio co-founder Larry Chatman filed a police report aga!nst Young, TMZ reported on Tuesday.

Young, who filed for separation from Dr. Dre earlier this summer after 24 years of marriage, had earlier cla!med in proceedings that she was entitled to the money since she was a trustee of the account.

Chatman’s attorneys, however, say her name was removed after the first withdrawal, meaning she had no legal access to the funds. DailyMail.com has contacted Young’s lawyers for comment.

Dr. Dre and his legal team last month sent communications to Young and her team demanding the money be put back into the account immediately or she would face legal ac-tion.

Young’s lawyer Bryan Freedman called the move ‘a clear attempt to sme-ar Nicole’s name,’ telling TMZ she was authorized to withdraw the cash amid the marital spl!t. ‘As people are well aware, banks do not give out money to people who are not authorized to receive it,’ Freedman told the outlet.

He previously told TMZ that Dr. Dre’s complaints about the initial transaction amounted to a ‘stu-nt’ intended to di-stract from the details of the di*orce. ‘This is just a low-grade PR stu-nt by Andre and his team to try to change the fact that he was caught red-handed and sued for trying to che-at Nicole out of community property to which she is entitled,’ he said.

‘There is no question that Nicole had both the contractual and the legal right to have taken this action and Andre’s team is well aware of this fact. Any suggestion she did something untoward is prepo-sterous and path-etic.’The investigation comes after a Los Angeles judge ruled Dr. Dre will not have to pay Young $6.5million in expenses related to their spl!t.

Young had requested her estranged husband pony up $5million for lawyers’ fees and $1.5million in inci-dental expenses, including security, as her legal team said she’s been thre-atened amid the separation.   A judge di-smissed her request earlier this month, noting Young had previously f!red a security detail the rapper had hired for her, according to TMZ.

Young filed for d!vorce from the artist earlier this summer after 24 years of marriage, as they share two children – son Truice Young, 23, and daughter Truly Young, 19. Dre and Young have been at odds over their pren-uptial agreement. Nicole, who was previously wed to NBA player Sedale Thre-att, said she initially signed one, but Dre later de*troyed it during the better times in the marriage. The Beats Electronics founder in court docs has cla!med full possession over the family’s $1billion and property, leading Young to request $1 million to ‘maintain the financial status quo.’

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