Drake Trolls After He Revealed The Dating 17-Year-Old SZA In 2008 – Fans Are Calling Him ‘Pre-dator’ – VIDEO

Drake just dropped a bo-mbshell that not only sho-cked social media but also “Hit Different” for fans of R&B singer SZA, as well as the singer herself. The rapper just revealed that he and SZA may have been a thing some years ago!

Friday brought out its usual new releases, and this Friday, 21 Sa-vage and Metro Boomin’s collaborative “Sa-vage Mode II” album were among the ones in most conversations, especially for a surprise guest appearance by the “Laugh Now Cr-y Later” rapper on their song “Mr. Right Now.”

On this collaboration, Drake dropped a b-ar that ca-used listeners to stop and ponder, as it perta!ned to SZA and his relationship.

“Everybody wears the act before they name tough, yeah, more concerned with blowing up than growing up, yeah, said she wanna f— to some SZA, wait, ’Cause I used to date SZA back in ’08,” Drake raps on the record.

The line certainly surprised fans, as many thought the relationship between the two was str!ctly platonic. He was seen backstage at the Toronto stop of her “Ctrl Tour”, and also supported her with her latest release writing “Solana is the chef’s k!ss,” on his Instagram stories.

Fans also realized the age difference between the two at the time, placing Drake around 21 or 22 and SZA at 17 or 18 (depending on whether their relationship occurred before her November 8th birthday). This ca-used massive cr!tical reactions from fans on the matter.

“Wait stop the music…. Sza and Drake dated in 2008?” wrote one user on social media, and another writes “now why’d drake have to bring sza’s good name out like that.”Another writes “Drake used to date SZA back in 08? Drake’s hitlist got more 10’s than his own discography FFS,” referring to the women that he’s been linked to in the past.

When it came to the age difference, fans took fa-ult in that and voiced their opinions all over social media.“Knowing now that Drake dated SZA in 2008 doesn’t sit right with me,” writes one and another questioned the public asking “So we’re not gonna talk about how SZA was 17 in 2008 when Drake was “dating” her?”

This is not the first time that Drake has been in conversations with underage women, as it was reported that he’d been texting then 17-year-old Billie Eillish, and then 14-year old Millie Bobby Brown. The rapper did come under scrutiny for these actions, but both artists came to his defe-nse. After the release of the 21 Sav-age and Metro Boomin song, fans noticed that SZA unfollowed Drake, while he still follows her.

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