Ex Cop Derek Chauvin Who Cha-rged In Floyd’s Loss Now Has Been Released On $1 Million Bond

Derek Cha-uvin, one of the former Minneapolis police officers cha-rged with mu*der in the Flo-yd case, has been released on $1 million bonds.

NBC News reports that the white 44-year-old ex-cop, who was filmed kne-eling on Flo-yd’s neck for over eight minutes, was released on conditional release Wednesday from an Oak Park Heights, Minnesota pr!son.

He is facing mu*der and mansla*ghter cha-rges for his role in the loss of Flo-yd and is expected to go on trial March 8, 2021.

Cha-uvin could be seen in a globally-circulated video of the arr-est ign-oring Flo-yd as he told the officers he couldn’t breathe.

All four officers involved in Flo-yd’s fa-tal arr-est have now been released on bond. The three others—J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas K. Lane, and Tou Thao—previously posted ba-il of $750,000 each and are free awaiting trial.

They will face trial together, but the judge assigned to the case is reviewing a request to have each officer tried separately.  After the video of Flo-yd’s arr-est on May 25 circulated online, prote-sts agai-nst police br*tality and systemic rac!sm took place across the country.

Each of the officers involved was term!nated from the police fo-rce in response, with cha-rges in Flo-yd’s loss arriving not long after. If Cha-uvin is conv!cted of second-degree mu*der, he faces up to 40 years behind ba-rs.The Minneapolis ex-cop cha-rged in the police-cu*tody loss of Flo-yd was released from pr!son Wednesday on a $1 million bond.

Derek Cha-uvin, 44, who faces mu*der and mansl*ughter cha*ges in Flo-yd’s May 25 loss, walked out of the Oak Parks Heights pr!son after posting the he-fty bond, KMSP-TV reported. Ch-uvin, who had been behind ba-rs for more than four months, had been the last of the four fi-red Minneapolis cops cha-rged in the high-profile case to remain in j-ail pending trial.

The ex-cop’s ba!l had been set at $1.25 million with no restr!ctions or $1 million if he agreed to surre-nder his fi-rearms, remain in the state, not work in law enfo-rcement, and not try to contact Flo-yd’s family. His bond was posted by A-Affordable Ba-il Bonds in Brainerd, Minnesota.

The company ref*sed to comment Wednesday. Viral video of Fl-oyd’s f-atal encou-nter with police on Memorial Day spa-rked worldwide outr-age and ma-sive Bla-ck Lives Matter prote-sts. The footage shows the cops p-in a handcu*fed Fl-oyd to the ground outside a convenience store at East 38th Street and Chicago Avenue in the Minnesota city after he so-calling tried to use a counterfeit $20 bill.

Ch-auvin is seen pressing his kn-ee to the back of Flo-yd’s neck for nearly eight minutes despite Flo-yd’s repeated pleas of “I can’t breathe.”Chau-vin and the three other officers — J. Alexa-nder Kueng, Th-omas Lane, and To-u Thao — were all fi-red and cha-rged after the incident.

Kue-ng, Lane, and Th-ao are ch-arged with ai-ding and abe-tting second-degree mu*der and ai-ding and abe-tting second-degree mansla*ghter. All three were released on ba!l earlier pending trial. A lawyer for Lane has cla!med that Flo-yd passed away due to an overdo-se of fe-ntanyl, not the police restra!nt.

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