Expert Believes Sasha Obama Could Make Millions On TikTok If She Made A Account – VIDEO

After Sasha Obama was featured in a TikTok video, the post gained an enormous amount of traffic and experts believe that the former First Daughter could earn millions if she joined the social media app.

Sasha’s low profile and lack of social media presence make her a highly coveted client for influencer agencies, and two told TMZ that she could have a lucrative career if she signed with them, since there has been little to no media coverage of Sasha, fans are looking for behind the scenes content to fulfill their cur!ous minds.

Joe Gagliese, the co-founder and CEO of Viral Nation, an influencer marketing agency told the publication that if Sasha made a Tik Tok account she would easily be an overnight se-nsation and would most likely obtain 10 million followers within a year.

In addition to the popularity, Gagliese believes that Sasha can make up to $8 million annually just off of endorsements.

Mae Karwowski, the CEO and founder of Obviously, an “influencer agency,” agreed with Gagliese’s projections and estimated that Sasha could charge up to six figures for social media posts and endorsements.

However, Karwowski also speculates that Sasha may not want the immediate attention that comes with creating a public social media account.

For now, both she and her older sister Malia do not have public platforms on Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram. Their parents, former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama are the only people in the family with verified social media accounts.