Female Bus Driver Told She’s ‘Too Pretty’ For Her Job By Male Passengers

A 24-year-old bus driver has revealed what it’s like working in a male-dominated field, saying she hopes to f!ght stereotypes as she’s repeatedly told she’stoo pretty’ for her job.

Jodie Leigh Fox, from Brentwood in Essex, was working as a carer before she embarked on her new career at the age of 21, has always had an interest in driving buses. She decided to apply after seeing an advertisement on the back of a bus, and has since gone on to drive buses, coaches and even limousines.

Jodie Leigh Fox, 24, from Brentwood, Essex, started her career as a bus driver when she was just 21 after always having an interest in driving buses. Jodie, who worked as a carer before becoming a bus driver, saw an advertisement on the back of a bus and decided to apply. Since then, Jodie has gone on to drive buses, coaches and even limousin-es but hasn’t been able to make friends with colleagues as there is no one who is a similar age to her.

However, despite landing her dream job, she’s often found it h*rd to make friends with her colleagues, as no one is of a similar age. She also regularly receives comments from people while she is working, with many shock*d by her appearance and age.

But Jodie is trying to fight stereotypes, and hopes to continue being a bus driver for the rest of her life. Jodie said: “When I left my job as a carer, I realised that I had always been intrigu-ed about driving buses. I would always sit near the front near the driver and I loved driving so I made the dream come to life.


“I’ve had so many comments from passengers – mainly men. “When men get on the bus, I always get the same reaction which tends to be ‘you’re so pretty’ or ‘I’ve never seen such a beautiful bus driver in my life’. “People have said that I’m too pretty to be a bus driver but I get some nice comments from other females complimenting me and my nails or my hair and make-up.

“I had to do a lot of tests to become a bus driver; it’s not easy like people might think. You have to do an English and maths test and about five different modules before eventually doing your theory.


“There’s no females around a similar age of mine; I have made friends with a few people in the garage but I normally just get my duty card and then leave for my shift.” Jodie has now managed to build a following on TikTok, where she shares what it’s like being a bus driver. She added: “I didn’t think I would blow up the way I have.

“I have posted videos before but not in work uniform and it wasn’t until I posted that I was a bus driver that people went mad for it.

“I love my job; I’m hoping to do this until I retire!”