Flight Passenger Making Woman Uncomfortable With Smelling Socks For Complained Agai-nst Him- VIDEO

An air passenger has been caught on camera lifting his foot to a fe-llow traveller’s face telling her to sn-iff his sock during an ar*ument on a plane in China.

Footage released by Chinese media shows the man shoving one of his feet under the woman’s n-ose after she told him not to take off his shoes and sit with his legs crossed on his seat.

He said to the woman ‘here you go, sm-ell’ on the domestic flight by Sichuan Airlines, according to a report. The man, who remains unidentified, has reportedly apologised to the woman after the clip ca-used an outc-ry on social media.

According to Mianyang Daily, which released the video yesterday, the incident took place on Sichuan Airlines flight number 3U8669 on September 5. The Airbus A320 took off from the southern Chinese city of Kunming at 7:20am, bound for Chengdu in south-western China.

The clip, believed to be taken by the woman, starts by showing the man with both of his legs on his seat.He appears to be filming the woman as she demands he stop sti-cking his feet towards her.The man, who wears a face mask, then begins to speak towards his phone as he seemingly records the alterc-ation. He says the woman ‘wants to sm-ell my socks’.

The footage then shows him thr-usting his right foot into the woman’s face while saying ‘here you go, sm-ell’.The clip c-uts off when the man tries to call a flight attendant as the woman continues cri*icising him. Hundreds of thousands of people have left comments to cond-emn the male passenger. The video has attracted more than one million ‘likes’ on Douyin, the Chinese version of Tik-Tok.

One person wrote: ‘Lucky that he hadn’t met me. Otherwise, I would teach him how to be a man.’Another viewer deno-unced: ‘This kind of people deserves to be be-aten.’A third commenter ur-ged: ‘Call the police.’According to a follow-up report by Mianyang Daily, the man has apologised to the woman and expressed his re*ret at his behaviour.He said he had recognised his mi-stake and asked the woman to forgive him, according to the news outlet.The Chinese government has gro-wn concerned about the nega-tive impa-ct on the nation’s image ste-mming from numerous incidents of bad behaviour by Chinese tourists at home and abroad, ranging from fi-ghting with aircrews to defa-cing cultural artefacts.In 2016, China released a def!nitive list of acts that bla-cklist tourists and b-an people from travelling as part of the ‘uncivilised behaviour law’.Some of the regulations included interference with public transport facilities including planes, buses and boat; da*aging public facilities and public environment, and offending local customs or way of life.

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