Floyd Mayweather Announced The Date Of Return In Ring To Fi-ght With YouTube Star Logan Paul – VIDEO

Floyd Mayweather will take on YouTube bo-xer Logan Paul in an exhibition f!ght in February 2021.

The American bo-xing legend, who has a 50-0 undefe-ated record, has not fo-ught in just under two years and just once since he kn-ocked out Conor McGregor in 2017 in another exhibition bout.

The bout will air via pay-per-view with the f!ght taking place on Saturday, February 20 next year. Fellow American Paul, 25, fo-ught fellow YouTuber KSI twice in the past three years, the first resulting in a draw before the Briton cla!med a rematch victory back in 2019.

Paul’s younger brother Jake, who is also a YouTuber, has been making in-roads into the world of professional bo-xing and be-at former basketball player Nate Robinson in explosive fashion last month.

Jake even cla!med recently that he is the ‘next Floyd Mayweather’ with regards to entertainment after just one white-collar f!ght and two professional bouts. Both Mayweather and Logan Paul have reportedly been in talks over a f!ght for a while, with an announcement regarding the f!ght bre-aking on Sunday night.

This week, Mayweather had to shrug off cla!ms that he was preparing to face a rematch with McGregor.He told Drink Champs: ‘I took it (the McGregor f!ght) serious, but I wanted to have some fun in the f!ght and I wanted to entertain the people.’You have to give the people a show, so I gave the people a show.

‘If I wanted to go out there and f*** him up and bla-ze him right out the gate, I could’ve done that. But my thing is this, if I would’ve done that, then it wouldn’t be probably a part two.’Mayweather then took part in a second exhibition f!ght since retirement from professional bo-xing aga!nst Japanese k!ckbo-xer Tenshin Nasukawa in Tokyo.

The New Year’s Eve f!ght in 2018 saw the American win within one round, which saw Tenshin’s camp throw the towel in after an expl-osive start by Mayweather.It is believed the 43-year-old made £6.7million from that one round in Japan, which added to the £223million he earned from the McGregor exhibition f!ght back in 2017.

Logan’s f!ghts with KSI in 2018 and 2019 were also popular as the influence of YouTuber bo-xing continues to grow in the sport. The first contest between KSI and Logan Paul was an immediate hit and became the largest non-professional bo-xing f!ghts of all-time with 1.3million pay-per-views worldwide, a figure which included 800,000 live purchases. The second f!ght in 2019 saw both f!ghters receive around $900,000 each, though the figures are believed to be higher for both KSI and Logan Paul.

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