Tek-ashi 6ix9ine’s Girlfriend Fla-unt Her ‘Big Package’ Just After Rapper Disappointed From Instagram Album Sales

6!x9ine’s girlfriend is busy showing off her “big package” as the 24-year-old rapper makes headlines for du-cking out of social media.

Jade, real name Rachel Wattley, has likewise been staying susp!ciously quiet since the September 4-release of 6!x9ine’s “Ta-ttleTales” album – the record, pla-gued by poor sales projections and bad reviews, proved the basis for Jade’s last post on September 5, but the rainbow b!kini video shared hasn’t gotten a permanent update.

Stories posted last night did, however, show the former ba-rtender to be alive and well. It comes as 6!x9ine, real name Daniel Hernandez, fa!ls to impress both fans and celebrities alike with his first post-pr!son album, even handing out copies for free on NYC streets.

While the “PUNANI” rapper’s followers have dubbed the record “ga-rbage,” rapper Blueface called it “te*rible.”Jade, followed by 1.5 million and generally coming sca-ntily-cl-ad, had covered up in her Tuesday night stories.

The model was seen unpackaging me-rch from So Real GSUWOO – not quite the dr!pping all-pink Gucci and diamonds Jade was treated to the courtesy of Tek-ashi last month, but she’s still getting new stuff.

Jade might see her ex-ga*gster boyfriend front media outlets for dan*erously tro*ling g*ng members, posting his exact location, and getting profiled by The New York Times, but the model can herself make a headline.

Announcing she was “pregnant” this summer did just that, as did Jade promising she’d start an Only*ans account if she got “10,000 comments” while fla*nting her backside in a b!kini in August. Jade sna-gged herself over 13,900 comments. Still, no Only*ans, although her stories last night did ask if she should set up Snapchat.

6!x9ine hasn’t posted since September 11, when over 9 million views were clocked to footage of him seemingly de*troying his own album work on a trailer – “My mom still thinks I’m a winner,” he depre*singly wrote. The video came after the rainbow rapper admitted to being “in a bad mood” as he acc*sed both Apple Music and Spotify of fiddling his release – 6!xnine filmed himself searching for recommended new releases on two phones, seemingly unable to find his own music.

Jade, who is raising a daughter and juggling her high-profile girlfriend status, has also been proving that she’s as w!tty as she is good-looking. As August raised concerns with Tek*shi’s increasingly-err-atic behavior – he admitted to being “r*ckless” – Jade got pu-nny.

Photos of the model rocking l!lac hair while fl*unting her cu*ves on a private jet saw her write: “I can only fly privately now cause n-ggas wanna k!ll my man ? Hair at iam_jonathan_ Outfit at baddieville ?”6!x9ine further faces backla*h by pr-oxy –as The Bl*st reported, model Bl-ac Chyna was tr*shed for appearing in the rapper’s “TUTU” video while wearing only candy sprinkles and platform boots.

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