Gorgeous Sofia Vergara Shows Off Her Beach Ro-mp For Throwback Treat

Sofia Vergara rolling around in the sand t*pless!

Ok, now that we have everyone’s attention, the ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge just melted down Instagram, sharing several throwbacks Thursday photos from her old modeling days — and you guessed it — she is rolling around in the sand to*less on the beach!

The ‘AGT’ star is drop-de*d-gorgeous, the crazy part is that most of her fans agree she is just as *t now, if not h*tter! The good news is the A-list actress doesn’t shy away from sharing her old b!kini sh*ts, and we love it!

“At #TBT to last weekend — I wish!!! the90’s,” Sofia captioned the mind-blowing photos!

In the s*y snaps, Sofia is rolling around on a white sand beach while t*pless and sporting just a pair of tiny green thong-style bo*toms. The ‘Modern Family’ star is sh*oting a p!ercing look into the camera as she appears to cr*wl towards the lens.

It is amazing! If you were just thinking in your inner-monologue — “I hope she stands up” — well she does and it is the second photo in the m*tage that she shared on IG. The second photo in the set is SO h*t, it even spa*rked a comment from Sofia’s co-star on ‘Modern Family,’ Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who wrote, “Rolling around in the sand makes you cold!!!!!”

For the record, we are guessing she isn’t cold, she is trying to cover up her as*ets for the se*y photo!”You aged like the finest of w!nes, one fan posted after seeing the st*nning sh*ts. Another added, “I think ur better looking now ???!”Keeping scrolling for more *t sh*ts of Ms. Vergara, who now spends most of her time out of the b!kini and in the production studio, but is known to drop them once and a while for her followers anyways!

The new st*nning beach photos come on the heels of a video Sofia shared with her millions of followers where she attempts to stra-ddle and ride a blow-up bu-ll. In the clip, shared on IG, Vergara is trying to jump on a pool floaties that are designed to look like an actual bu-ll! Of course, she gets in a good r!ding position, but then goes flying off! It is amazing — see the video below. Watch this, and don’t act like you could do any better than this…plus none of us look like her either!