Crazy Instagram Model Spends Over £1m On Kim Kardashian Look And Is Swarmed By Fans On The Street

A woman has spent $1.3million (around £1million) on her Kim Kardashian looks. Chaly D.N., who lives in London, forks out a fortune on designer clothes and accessories.

She also maintains her youthful looks with the help of Bo-tox and fillers – and admits her su-rgeon sometimes asks her to “slow down”.

In an interview with Truly, she revealed: “I realized I look like her as soon as I saw her picture.“I started following her on Instagram and was like ‘oh my god, is that me’…!

“We actually have a very similar style and everything I see on here I want to wear it.”Chaly spent £4,000 on a Balmain dress her Kardashian idol has worn. She’s also spla-shed £7,000 on a Givenchy coat and £1,000 heels that match Kim’s style.

But her biggest obse-ssion seems to be her handbag collection, which includes Louis Vuitton accessories and a Givenchy item worth £4,000. The influencer admitted: “I’ve spent a fortune on hand bags – I’d say about three to four thousand pounds.

“I always have to keep changing my bags because I’ve got to keep up with the Kardashians.”Chaly added: “I am an influencer so I have to go with the trend. Every season I have to change my clothes so I’ve spent a fortune…“My friends and family tell me I have to slow down. I’ve spent so much on clothes and my looks that they’re always worried.”

The Instagram star, who boasts 730,000 followers on the platform, says the investment is well worth it. She revealed: “People tell me I look like Kim Kardashian every single minute. Every time they see me on the street or at a party or everywhere…“I get stopped for photos all the time – I love the attention, it’s someone telling you that you look like Kim.”

Chaly doesn’t tire of being compared to the reality TV royalty. She said: “I love Kim Kardashian and the way she looks – she’s the most beautiful woman in the world.“She’s such a businesswoman and is so smart. She is an icon.”While the influencer plans to keep having cosmetic procedures to maintain her looks, she insists she’s not del!berately trying to copy Kim. She added: “I don’t try to look like her I just naturally look like her. “I haven’t had any su-rgeries to look like Kim but I’ve had Bo-tox and fillers – everyone does it.”

This Article First Published On DAILYSTAR