Jay-Z Shows His Support For Protesters – Rapper & Team Roc Pay Fees For Those Who Arr-ested In Wisconsin Protests

The business owner rap artist and Team Roc– the social justice arm of Roc Nation that Jay- Z established– provided their assistance after discovering that no cha-rges were brought versus Jos-eph Me-nsah.

The officer who sh*t Cole on February 2. Cole was sh*t and elim!nated outside a Wauwatosa shopping center when cops reacted to a d!sruption call, cops stated.

Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber informed press reporters at the time that Cole f!red a w*apon prior to an officer returned f!re.

Milwaukee County District Attorney John T. Chisholm stated there was “sufficient evidence” revealing that Mensah thought fa*al fo-rce was required and “that belief was objectively reasonable.”

Some 2 lots individuals were arr-ested Thursday, 2 of whom asked for medical attention, Wauwatosa cops stated in a press release Friday Al-vin’s mom and sis were likewise arr-ested.

“Our hearts br*ak for the family of Alvin Cole and the Wa-uwatosa community,” Dania Diaz, director of Team Roc, stated in a declaration. “Not only did the District Attorney’s Office fa!l to hold Officer Joseph Mensah accountable for k*ll!ng Al-vin, but the local police also arr-ested and *njur-ed Al-vin’s mother Tr-acy and his sisters as they peacefully prot-ested alongside Bl-ake’s father.”

Jay- Z and Team Roc are likewise getting in touch with WisconsinGov Tony Evers to select an unique district attorney to examine the sh*oting. In July, Jay- Z got a full-page advertisement in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel calling for Mensah’s pros-ecution.

This isn’t the very first time Jay- Z has actually been singing on social justice concerns. The billionaire got full-page advertisements throughout the nation in devotion to Fl*yd in June and in 2015 published ba!l for prot-esters ma-rching v!rsus cops cru!lty. CNN’s Mallika Kallingal, Sara Sidner and Joe Sutton added to this report.

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