Just 9-Year-Old Boy Raised £2,414 To Provide Free Meals For Hungry Kids

A nine-year-old boy has been doing everything he can to help kids who are wo-rse off than him have something to eat this week by raising money to help provide meals to those without them.

Outside of all of the political back and forth on extending free school meals over the half-term holidays, young Noah Whitehead has decided to get to work, because he believes ‘everyone deserves an equal start to life’.

The youngster – who lives with his family in Liverpool – initially wanted to raise £50 for his chosen charity, but has so far raised well more than he or St Andrew’s Community Network could have dreamed.

The folks who have donated may have seen the video that Noah shared on Facebook in which he appealed to the public to help out those kids in da-nger of going without food over the half-term bre-ak.

In that video, he said: “Earlier this week I heard on the news that some children might go hungry this half term and the Government will do nothing to help them.”I personally think it is heartbre-aking that other children go hungry and I want to help them.

“So I’m going to give some money to a charity that helps other families in Liverpool, so some children might not go hungry.”I’d love it if you would join and give some money to the charity.”It’s important we help each other as children, so please help me raise as much money as possible.”

So far the appeal has raised more than £1,700, and hopefully, that amount will continue to rise as more people cotton on to what Noah is trying to do. Noah’s parents are rightly incredibly proud of their young son’s selflessness and commitment to making the world a better place.

His dad Ben Whitehead explained: “I and his mum are so proud of him.”It shouldn’t take a nine-year-old to make up for a government’s failings, but the passion he has to help other children who need it most has been incredible.”He did it on his own because he wanted to – and that says a lot about him.”He saw the news on Thursday and got upset, on Friday he asked how he could help.”He couldn’t understand why the government would leave children like him hungry through no fa-ult of their own.”So he wanted to see if he could inspire his class to give some pocket money to help. He gave him, and asked others who could help to try.”If you want to give Noah – and the kids in need – a helping hand, with whatever you can afford, you can donate here.

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