Kelly Ripa’s Daughter Lola Consuelos Shows Off Her Stunning Cu-rvy Body On Family Xmas Card

Kelly Ripa’s teenage daughter took front and center for this year’s famous family Christmas card. 19-year-old Lola Consuelos stu-nned in all white, shining like the star she is among her two brothers, 23-year-old Michael, and 17-year-old Joaquin.

K!ssing this aw-ful year goodbye, the college student flau-nted all of her cu-rves in a h!p-hugging white dress that scre-amed for attention.

Showcasing plenty of cle-avage and m!driff with a daring cutout, Kelly Ripa dropped the sh-ot and joked that it was “Lola approved.”

The “LIVE With Kelly and Ryan” host shared the adorable siblings shot on Monday, December 7, just days after her husband Mark Consuelos reunited with the family. This Consuelos family Christmas card was different than other past, which makes sense since it’s 2020.

Showing the front and back of the holiday card, Kelly Ripa gushed over her three adorable kids. On the front, Lola Consuelos is seen smiling sweetly while wrapping her arms around her two brothers.

Kelly and Mark’s oldest child, Michael, was photographed in a str!ped collared shirt and clearly, got his dad’s hair genes. Their youngest, Joaquin, looked directly at the camera and flashed his pearly whites as the sun be-at down on their photoshoot.

Keeping her cle-avage ba-rely contained in the buttoned dress, Lola Consuelos dazzled in the eye-popping number.While the front of the Consuelos family Christmas card is impressive enough, wait until you see the back of it.

This is where Lola Consuelos really shined. Turning the card around, their teenage daughter was seen from behind.Looking back at the camera while flashing her giant smile and more makeup than usual, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ daughter left jaws on the floor. While Lola clearly knows her angles, her brothers didn’t even bother.

Letting their sibling take center stage, Michael and Joaquin turned their back to the photographer as if they were walking away. “See ya 2020,” the back of the card reader.

“Behold the card???,” Kelly Ripa captioned the sweet family photo. “We wish you health, happiness, and a bre-ak from 2020. Back of the card says it all,” she joked. While the Consuelos family is saying peace out to this past year, fans are stu-ck on the mind-blowing Christmas card.

“The Lola look back! ??,” one person wrote. “Prettiest kids in the whole wide world,” added another. “You made beautiful babies!” someone else wrote. Can’t wait to see what next year holds for the family!