Kim Kardashian Supports To The Armenia Fund By Donating $1 Million Amid Ongoing Confli-ct With Azerbaijan

Kim Kardashian has made a pledge to donate a huge $1million (£776,000) to the Armenia fund to help with relief efforts.

Amid the current confl!ct between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Kim has decided to make a million-dollar donation in order to help those that have been imp-acted and are in need of food, shelter and medical care.

Kim, 39, her sisters Kourtney, 41, and Khloe, 36, and brother Rob, 33, all have Armenian heritage, as the great-grandparents of the late dad Robert Kardashian, are from Armenia.

Fans have seen the reality stars head to the country to find out more about their heritage on their reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians and now the country is in need due to continued tensions, Kim and her sisters are stepping up to the plate.

Taking to Instagram on Saturday, Kim shared a video announcing that she will be donating $1million to support the Armenia fund and the work that it does on the ground.She told fans: ‘I’m so honored to be part of today’s global effort to support the at armeniafund.

I’ve been speaking out about the current situation in Armenia and Artsakh and having conversations with so many others to bring further awareness to the cr!sis that we cannot allow to advance.‘My thoughts and prayers are with the brave men, women, and children. I want everyone to remember that despite the distance that separates us, we are not limited by borders and we are one global Armenian nation together.’

Kim explained that the Armenia fund is directly helping those in need during such a cr!tical time by supplying humanitarian aid through food, shelter, and medical care.‘I will be donating $1M to assist their efforts on the ground and invite you to join me. Whether you are helping with just raising awareness and posting on social media or donating just $1, every bit helps,’ she urged her followers.‘Let’s make this our most successful fundraiser ever. Thank you so much. ?? ❤️?.’

Kourtney and Khloe were also seen rallying up fans and encouraging them to donate to the worthwhile ca-use, with Khloe telling her followers that she ‘can’t even begin to imagine’ what it’s like for those caught between the confl!ct.‘It’s especially important to me as a mother to think of the children. The fe-ar and hardship that comes with confl!ct should not have to be experienced,’ she said. Kourtney, meanwhile, told fans she was ‘honored’ to be part of the Armenia fund’s fundraising Livestream and support efforts on the ground.

‘My thoughts and prayers are with the men, women, and children,’ she said, before asking fans to ‘join me in supporting the fund today.’She said: ‘Whether it’s by spreading awareness on social media or donating just $1, no effort made is too small. We are all a part of one global Armenian nation together.’

F!ghting is currently taking place in the d!sputed encl-ave of Nagorno-Karabakh, also known as Artsakh, which is internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan but is home to ethnic Armenians. There are fe-ars current ethnic d!sputes in the area could lead to regional conflict.

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