Jahkil Jackson, An 11 Year Chicago Teen Providing Free ‘Blessing Bags’ To Nearly 20,000 Homeless People

Jahkil Jackson, an 11-year-old Chicago boy, has given free ‘Blessing Bags’ to nearly 20,000 homeless people in his hometown through his nonprofit Project I Am. He began assisting others at the age of eight, and as he grows older, he is ready to take on bigger challenges. “Seeing folks on the street saddened me because I assumed everyone had a home,” Jackson said on Today.

When Jackson was five years old, he witnessed his first homeless person. He’s been asking his mother since then whether they could buy houses for all the homeless folks. While it may seem like a fa- fetched idea for a young child, he manufactured efforts to help them through the Project I Am organization that he founded.

Internationally, he has assisted orphans in Mbabane, Swaziland, volcanic v*ct!*s in Guatemala, and hurricane survivors in Florida, Houston, and Puerto Rico. “It makes me feel like I’m coming closer to dismantling the whole homeless thing when I hand out the bags to folks… “Seeing the grins on their faces makes me happy,” Jackson remarked.

Jackson, who was selected a Youth Ambassador for Heartland Alliance International, one of the world’s largest anti-poverty organizations, in 2016, was also named one of the three most influential persons of 2017 by former President Barack Obama. In an interview with Forbes, he remarked, “Knowing that someone like him knows my name and supports what I do motivates me to keep going forward every day.”

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LeBron James, the NBA’s best player, has also praised him and lent his support to Project I Am. Jackson, who enjoys basketball both as a fan and as a player, hopes to one day own his own NBA franchise. Furthermore, Jackson continues to assist other unfortunate folks in any way he can. “There are a lot more homeless persons in the world who I could and should aid.”

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Kindness and help to the needy is always required to be provided. This not only shows how good and nice a person is rather than it shows for the people who are most important. These acts of deeds will always be remembered.