Floyd Mayweather Jr Fight With Logan Paul Went Eight Stage

Floyd Mayweather Jr’s fig*t with Logan Paul went eight rounds. Neither man could kn-ock the other out, with the YouTuber somehow going the distance with the bo*ing legend. The 44-year-old former champion outcla-ssed the 26-year-old, with him landing a number of pu*ches.

However, Paul was able to keep going and st**k in there, taking the fi**t all the way. Following the bout, Mayweather praised Paul for being ‘better than he thought’, and that he ‘had fun’ tonight.

Logan said it was an ‘honour’ to step in the ring with the legend, saying ‘happy I made it out’. Speaking ahead of their exhibition bout at Miami’s Ha*d Ro-ck Stadium, Paul told reporters that he was ultra-confident of ending Money’s incredible winning stre-ak.

He said: “There’s a moment that goes through every fighter’s mind. Everyone we spar, everyone Jake’s beat. “When we hit them, they realise, ‘Oh, he might not just do YouTube. This guy really put his heart and soul in this.’

“I hit ha*d. I think you’re going to see Floyd’s eyes light up, the first time I hit him.” And he wasn’t the only one who thought he was going to do it.

Former world champion Regis Prograis put $50,000 on Paul kno*king Mayweather out. Taking to social media, Prograis said: “Tonight is the night, Mayweather is going to lose. Logan Paul is over 30lbs bigger. They make weight classes in boxing for a reason.

“I’m putting up 50K that Logan will get the KO. You he-ard it here first.” Unfortunately for him, though, he won’t be cashing in on his $200,000 winnings.

Last week, the social media star revealed that Tyson Fu*y had offered him the chance to go toe-to-toe. Discu-ssing the prospect of taking on the he**yweight champion of the world, he said: “I am so ready for Floyd but one boxer I don’t want to fi**t is Tyson Fury.

“He pitched me in my DMs and said my brother can fight Tommy Fury and I can fi**t him.

“But I was like, ‘No, I’ll p-ass’.”