Man Trying Who Trimming A 100-Foot Palm Tree Is Flung Across The Sky In Te-rrifying Manner- VIDEO

The te*rifying moment a tree su-rgeon trying to trim a 100-foot palm was catapulted back and forth across the sky has been caught on camera.

The brave man, who remains unidentified, from San Bernadino, California, made his way up the eno-rmous tree in order to ch-op off some fronds, which could have ca*sed da*age had they fa-llen, from the tip.

Having successfully climbed up the incredibly tall palm tree, he began cu-tting the leaves from the top of the plant while it bent closer to the ground beneath his weight.

But after its heavy leaves fell from the tip of the tree, the thin tru-nk catapulted backward, fo-rcing the man to cl!ng on for dear life as the palm rebo-unded back and forth across the sky.

The clip quickly went viral online after a stu-nning on-looker captured the incredible moment on camera.At the start of the video, the unidentified man is seen pu-lling himself up the tru-nk of the palm, with the tree bending over under his weight as he reached the very top.

It is quite common for tree su-rgeons to use climbing equipment like ropes and harnesses to man-euver themselves into a position to cut down large trees, rather than using cherry pickers or ladders. After reaching the top, the su-rgeon started to saw off the top of the palm tree, cl!nging on to the trunk with his body while he worked.

But as the top part of the tree, including it’s heavy leaves, dropped to the ground, the bending trunk bounced back upright, throwing the man through the sky.The unnamed arbo-rist could be seen de-sperately cl!nging on as it wh!pped through the air, and rebo-unded back and forth.He gra-bbed hold of the tree with his arms, legs and body as he waited for the tree’s bounce to slow.Finally, after several minutes, he was able to begin his climb down from the tree.

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