Man Crying At Airport, Meeting His Family After 4 Years of Hardship- Video

Have you ever imagined the feeling of staying away from your family and facing all the terrible things?Staying away from the family is one of the most pa**ful experiences that can tear your inner self. Recently a story came up, where a man got reunited with his family after four years of separation. The video of Dyan crying at the airport is getting viral on the internet.

Here’s what made Dyan give such a reaction. Dyan and his wife Alik evacuated for the place they called home to seek a better life for their family in the United States, but fate has planned something else for them.  Their Sudanese village had been ravaged by fi**ti!g. So the duo with their children set off on a journey to an African refugee camp. Unfortunately, they were str**k by the tra**dy  at the refugee camps’ pandemonium, as suggested by the North Hill Organization.

As a result of this Dyan was separated from his wife and children. This was not the end of the tr**ed!, but it has more p**n left for them. All the documents of the marriage of the couple, that can get them together were ruined. At the time of separation, Alik was pregnant with the third child of the couple. Later as a single mother of two, Alik was processed at the refugee camp and Dyan was processed as a single guy as he had no records of his family.

The hardship of Dyan has just begun as single men are at the bottom of the list of those chosen to be resettled in the United States. Meanwhile, Alik and her children relocated to Fort Worth, Texas, with no hope of seeing his husband Dyan again in her life.

Image Credit:Newsweek

Alik met two mothers Molly and Mary Claire at Fort Wort. The duo was volunteering at Catholic Charities, a refugee agency. These two ladies proved to be a blessing in disguise for Alik and his family, and remain by side of Alik when she gave birth.

Dyan still was in the refugee camp trying to figure out ways to meet his family and in the meantime, his newborn was 3 years old. Molly and Mary Claire at Fort Wort tried hard to reunite the family. Finally, after 4 years Dylan met his family at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport and fell on his keens and tears of joy and relief started rolling down from his eyes.