Hip Hop Icon Missy Elliott Feeling ‘Grateful’ To Receive Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

Missy Elliot received the 2708th walk of fame star. The Hollywood chamber of commerce honored the hip hop mummy Missy Elliot Emcee with the 2708th star on the walk of fame in 6212 Hollywood boulevard on 8 Monday 2021. The 4-times Grammy award winner finally earned her star in the category of recording and is being recognized for her glorious contribution to the hip-hop music industry.

The Hollywood walk of fame stars is a public monument to the entertainment industry bearing a permanent testimonial of great achievements. It was established 61 years ago on February 8, 1960, and is situated at the center of Hollywood Boulevard, Vine Street in central Los Angeles. Each star is made up of a five-edged terrazzo brimmed with brass and has an inlaid showing the category for which the honoree is honored.

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These stars carry the names of icons in the entertainment industry as an honor for their contribution in respective categories. The honorary names come from a mix of producers, musicians, actors, directors, fictional characters, musical and theatrical groups, and more. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce select nominee based on criteria.

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The criteria for getting a star include the impact that the nominee has on the community, a guarantee that the celebrity nominee will physically be present at the honorary ceremony once selected, professional achievement, and the ability to have stayed longer in the category of five years.

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Missy Elliot, born Mellisa Arnette Elliot, is an American songwriter, singer, rapper, and record producer who have just earned her star in the Hollywood walk of fame for her illustrious career. Missy Misdemeanor Elliot as popularly called by peers in the entertainment industry, broke into the rapping arena in 1991.

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She had earned herself the respect as the female rapper who reigned in a male-dominated industry. Till to date, Missy Elliot has ever since won the Grammy awards four times. In total, the rapper has had 356 nominations and 110 wins throughout her career as a solo and feature singer, rapper or producer, dancer, and songwriter. The Walk of Fame Chamber of Commerce finally honored her in the recording category.

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Friends, colleagues, protégé, and family accompanied her to the dedication ceremony in 6212 Hollywood Boulevard on Monday 8, 2021. Longtime industry allies such as Ciara, Mona, and Lizzo have fun boosting Missy Elliot’s contribution to their lives.