Model Kelly Brook Sla-ms Trollers Who Mo-ck Her Over Weight In This Weekend’s Daily Star TV Life Magazine

Kelly Brook has hit out at ‘je-alous’ and ‘to-xic’ trolls who m-ock her over her weight. The model and media personality opened up about how she deals with trolls in this weekend’s Daily Star TV Life magazine.

Kelly, 41, has previously discussed being mo-cked over her weight as it flu-ctuated over the years.Talking about the trolls, Kelly said: “It usually comes from a place of je-alousy. I feel sorry for them.

“How horr!ble to walk this life being to-xic and neg-ative – I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.”I think it’s nice to wake up and make a choice to be happy. Life is going to throw horr!ble things at you, but it’s up to you to be positive around that as much as you can.”

Kelly’s comments come as she admits she and partner Jeremy Parisi, 35, embraced cooking lots of food during the lockdown.

She continued: “Oh, we love cooking. There were two schools of thought – you were either using lockdown as a way to lose the weight you weren’t able to lose before because you worked in an office, or you just let go and enjoyed yourself.”Unfortunately, I was in that camp! I bought an ice-cream maker, a panini maker, and a pizza oven.”

The star admitted she’s now started training more to lose the weight.She added: “I definitely put on weight. And then when I had to start going into the office again, I thought, ‘I need to start training more.'”I bought a rebounder [a mini trampoline] and I’ve been walking the dog.”

Kelly showed off her two stone weight loss back in March after slimming from a size 16 to a size 12 after becoming a SlimFast ambassador in October 2018She told Hello! Magazine at the time: “I feel like my old self again.”

“I cre-pt up to a size 16. When my jeans started to feel tight I thought they’d shru-nk in the wash.”I definitely didn’t feel my healthiest or most beautiful, and I wanted to feel good again.”

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