Model Cla-ims That TikTok Removing Her Videos Because ‘She’s Too Bo-ld And Attractive’

A model has h-it out at TikTok for ‘discr!minating aga!nst her body’, cla!ming the platform removed her content because she is ‘too se*y’.

Neyleen Ashely, 32, has grown a huge fanbase on social media, having amassed 2 million followers on Instagram – where she shares sa*cy and comedic photos and videos under the handle AT neyleenashley.

She also has a large following on TikTok but cla!ms the sharing platform has made a point of removing her videos, despite the fact there is other similar content from other models elsewhere.

Ashley, from Miami, Florida, said she finds it h*rtful as TikTok has provided her with something of a psychological lifeline over the past few months.” It makes me sad when they remove my videos,” she told The Daily Mail.

“During Covid, I fell in love with TikTok.”My first ever ventures in social media were doing funny videos on Vine [a now-defu-nct video platform].”So when Vine got shut down, I quickly transferred my talents to Instagram.

“Then later on TikTok became a release for me and my comedic personality – until I noticed they kept dscr!minating aga!nst me for my body.”Ashley, who earns up to $1,000 (£780) per social media post, argues that other TikTok users are able to share content that’s not too di*similar to hers, but believes it is her cu*vy f!gure that may have tr!ggered the platform’s cens-orship alg-orithm.

She continued: “Given that it is summertime, many people on TikTok are posting in b!kinis or shorts.”If I post the same kinds of videos, wearing a b!kini or shorts – not even showing too much cle*vage in comparison to the other girls – they immediately delete it and remove followers.

“Then they say I am going aga!nst community guidelines.”Ashley has career aspirations outside of social media, having enrolled in nursing school. As she had to take a bre-ak from this due to the pan*emic, right now she describes herself as a ‘full-time Instagram model and Tw!tch stre-amer’.

She said: “My Tw!tch channel is such a special place for me.”I get a lot of h*te and plastic comments that really hu*t me, but it comes with the te*ritory.”Ashley said people’s ne*ative reactions are ‘often hu*tful’, adding that they’ve ca-used her to ‘really into account’ what she eats, so as to ‘stay as thin as possible’.

“It really takes a toll on me,” she said. Thankfully, Ashley is still able to find some joy from what she does and has a strong support network from her family and friends – along with thousands of devoted followers. She added: “I love them, and they love me – thankfully!”

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