Mom Of 3 Ta-rgeted On Social Media For Zombie-Themed Halloween Photoshoot Of Her Toddler

A mum who featured her little boy in a gh-oulish photoshoot has come in for cr!ticism after sharing her photos online.

Photographer Bobbi Rylant enjoys thinking up elaborate and creative shoots and says Halloween is the perfect opportunity for her to take some cre-epy snaps.

Bobbi, 27, decided to transform her adorable one-year-old son Kamden into a zombie, complete with unreal blo-od and a brain for the little fella to cho-mp on.

The mum-of-three, from Yukon, Oklahoma, used cherry Kool-Aid, strawberry, and chocolate syrup, as well as a plastic brain to create the Walking De-ad, inspired shots and, fair play, they look bl*ody amazing.

Bobbi, who is married to Greg, 29, said: “I’ve been doing photography for about two years, and the kids and I think dressing up for Halloween is really fun.”My youngest Kamden is dressed as a zombie. My husband and I are big Walking De-ad fans, so that is where the inspiration came from.

“For the blo*dy bath, I used cherry Kool-Aid with warm water, and also a mixture of strawberry and chocolate syrup.The unreal gashes are temporary tattoos that come off with water.”He was skeptical at first to sit in the bath but I always let him spla-sh in the water, play with props, taste the syrup, and let him warm up to the set beforehand.

“The whole thing only lasts about ten minutes at the max, and he absolutely loves it.” “I did receive some ha-te messages, which have included ‘you shouldn’t feed your child sugar/syrup’ and ‘what if he would have been alle-rgic to the red dye, he could’ve had a reaction’.”Someone else said, ‘Someone needs to call Child Services! You should have your children taken away from you!'”

Although she had to deal with the odd n*sty comment, Bobbi insists that people loved the go-ry sh-ots for the most part. She added: “I never let it get to me. They have every right to have their own opinion of it. Not everyone likes to see that type of thing and that’s fine.”This is not an everyday type of thing; we only do this for Halloween. My children are so very loved and well taken care of.”

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