Breonna Taylor’s Mother Bre-aks Silence Following Indi-ctment In Her Daughter’s Case

Bre-onna Taylor’s mom is bre-aking her silence about the grand jury ind!ctment in Bre-onna’s case and seems to be pointing the finger, like many others, at Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

Tamika Palmer has not spoken publicly about the ind!ctment, but on Thursday she did post a painting of her daughter with the caption, “It’s still Bre-onna Taylor for me.”

She added 2 blue heart emojis, a red br-oken heart emoji, and the hashtag #Thesystemfa!ledBreonna.

Although Tamika didn’t include Cameron’s name in her post, the system she’s referring to IS Cameron in the eyes of people a*gry the grand jury fa!led to ind!ct any of the officers for sh*oting and k!lling Breonna.

Immediately after the grand jury announcement, Breonna’s cousin, Tawana Gordon, told the Louisville Courier-Journal, “I’m not surprised but I’m mad as he-ll because nothing’s changing … today’s decision was an additional injustice on our family and this country.”

The family’s attorney, Ben Crump, told us Thursday he has ser!ous concerns about what Cameron presented during the secret grand jury proceedings … and whether he fo-ught to get justice for Breonna or to ex*nerate the 3 cops.

As we reported … the grand jury ind!cted just one officer, Brett Hankison, on cha-rges of wanton enda-ngerment.Hankison was not cha-rged for the sh*oting of Breonna, but for f!ring his w*apon into Breonna’s neighbor’s apartment.

The ind!ctment is spa*king outr*ge … from Rev. Al Sharpton impl-oring voting over v!olence to comedian D.L.Hughley — along with a score of pro athletes — calling it a sl-ap in the face.

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