Mother & Son Became The Center Of Attraction On Social Media For Their Stunning Swirled Eyes

A mother and son are captivating social media because of their stu-nning multi-colored eyes that are both blue and black.

Elizabeth Tyler, 35, and her one-year-old son Liam Mexus have hete-rochromia ir-idum, a congenital condition that ca-uses them both to have two different eye colors within one iris.

However, while they both have the same condition, it has affe-cted them differently; while Elizabeth, a business owner and influencer from Ohio, has str!king deep blue and brown-black eyes, Liam has one blue eye while his second eye has a tinge of both blue and black color.

While the condition itself is rare – affe-cting less than 200,000 people in the US – it is even more uncommon for it to be passed down through generations.

However, Elizabeth and her son are not the only members of their family with hete-rochromia iri-dum – both her father and siblings were also born with a rare condition.

According to medical experts, the condition does not ca-use any neg-ative eff-ects, particularly if a person is born with it, however, it may be an indication that the person has another condition, such as piebaldism, which causes a lack of pigment in the hair or skin.

Hete-rochromia iri-dum is more commonly found in animals, particularly white dogs and cats.However, Elizabeth loves the fact that her rare condition makes her and her son stand out from the crowd, explaining that she wants to use her unique eyes to show others that it is ‘okay to be different’.

‘I love my eyes because they are unique. It’s okay to be different,’ Elizabeth said.Elizabeth is often asked about her condition by cur!ous followers as she posts pictures of herself and her children.While a lot of people call her gorgeous, she also politely imparts knowledge about the condition that could be both genetic and acquired.

She said: ‘I was often bu*lied while growing up and they were a normal part of my life but the response from others brought more attention to them.’My eyes were a common topic of interest when people who were not used to seeing them. But now, (using social media platform), I feel blessed to be able to inspire others who have the same condition and may be uncomfortable with it.’

Elizabeth has five children, but only Liam has inher!ted her condition – however that doesn’t mean that their eyes look identical. Both of the influencer’s iri-ses are different colors, while her son has one bright blue eye, and then one that has both blue and black in it.

‘My son also has heter-ochromia iri-dum,’ she explained. ‘[But his eyes] are different than mine. He has one blue eye and the other is mostly brown with two blue sections.’

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