Mum Shared A Simple Trick To Sparkling Clean Bathroom Tiles In Just $3

A toothbrush and a $3 Aldi cleaning spray are all that’s needed to scrub grimy grouting sparkling clean, an Australian mother has revealed.

The Queensland woman posted in a Facebook community group, telling members she ‘highly recommends’ using ‘Mould Away’ from the German-owned supermarket chain to lift blackened stains from gaps between shower tiles.

She sent social media into a spin with the simple trick, which involves spraying the Aldi cleaner onto tiles and leaving it to soak for an hour, before gently rubbing the surface with a toothbrush.

Photos of her shower taken before and after cleaning show the impressive effe-ct of the bargain spray, which is sold in Aldi stores across Australia. The pictures have drawn hundreds of delighted responses since they were shared online, with comments including ‘love this’, ‘wow’ and ‘so satisfying, great job!’.

Many replied with alternative uses for the multipurpose household cleaner.’Second this! It’s so powerful for hair dye stains on your sink or benches. Also works wonders on white clothing,’ one woman replied.’Mould Away is my favourite! Well done your bathroom looks amazing,’ said a second.

A third said the bargain spray also lifts stains from d!rty shower curtains. Others agreed that the spray works wonders, but warned of the toxic ingredients used to make it.’I use this and you need a hazmat suit to deal with the fumes, but so good!’ one woman said. It’s the latest grout cleaning hack to sweep social media, weeks after an American actress transformed her kitchen floor with a few drops of toilet cleaner.

Savannah Meyer posted a video on TikTok which shows a close-up of a tiled kitchen floor with gru-bby black stains running along with the gro-uting. The 28-year-old from Utah then pours a drop of Clorox toilet bowl cleaner onto the tiles, leaves it to soak for five minutes and scr-ubs it gently with a brush. Dark d!scolouration lifts off easily, leaving the str!ps between each tile sparkling white.’Should I do my whole kitchen?’ Ms Meyer asked in the caption.

And many felt that she should.’Wow-what a difference. I desperately need to do this in my kitchen but there are way too many tiles!’ one woman said.’I just tried this and it worked! Have never done it before, good for a deep clean,’ said another.When one person commented that the ha-ck will ‘erode your grout if you keep doing it’, Ms Meyer replied: ‘You don’t do it regularly, it’s a one-time thing to remove build-up and then you simply maintain.’

Australian viewers urged her to buy special grout cleaner from Bunnings, but Ms Meyer said she was sorry to reveal that the hardware giant does not have any stores in the US.

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