Newborn Smiles At Father After A Month Of Convincing Him Through The Womb

The best feeling for a couple is most probably seeing their newborn for the first time. Most of the parents, after hearing the news of their pregnancy, eagerly anticipate the arrival of the newborn, overwhelm their impending parenthood, and stay ready to take care of the little creature which is about to come into their life.

Image Credit: thesun

It is often said that a baby can hear a voice from outside the womb. And, this incident proved that a baby from the womb can hear an outsider’s voice and can recognize them later after their delivery. This story is of a proud father named Flavio Dantas from Brazil who recently had his incredible experience of seeing his newborn baby for the first time on Instagram.

Image Credit:thesun

He shared his incredible feeling of meeting his baby for the first time and what made his experience unforgettable is the smile of the baby. Yes, his newborn baby, after hearing him, recognized his voice and smile at him. On his Instagram page, Dantas called this moment magically when his newborn baby daughter smiled at him after recognizing his voice.

Image Credit: The NewYork Times

He said in his post that he used to talk to her daughter daily through the womb. And, when she was born, she recognized his voice and smiled at him adorably.  Seeing his newborn baby recognizing him and smiling at him made his proud father on cloud nine. He after sharing this sweet story, followed up by sharing some more adorable pictures of his daughter, Antonella.

Image Credit: The New York Times

The proud father has lots of love in his heart for this little bundle of joy and he mentioned his love that cannot be fit inside a single chest. Dantas is more than happy for having this little addition in his family. And, his post expressing his love and joy got viral and gained multiple hearts from people who either have already experienced this moment or are eagerly waiting for this precious moment.