Ocean Spray Gifted A Full Truckload Of Cranberry Juice To The Viral Skateboarder – VIDEO

Ocean Spray has gifted a truckload of cranberry juice – along with the truck it came in – to the skateboarder who went viral for cru!sing down the street chu-gging their dri-nk while listening to ‘Dreams’.

Nathan Apodaca’s world has been turned upside down ever since he uploaded a video to his social media channels of him coming home from work.

The clip has gone viral around the world and has even garnered a sho-utout from Fleetwood Mac. But the good times continue to roll for Nathan, aka 420do-ggface208, who has just been gifted a literal truckload of Ocean Spray’s cranberry juice.

The company also thought it would be nice if the blo-ke had a truck to ride around in. In a video uploaded to Nathan’s Instagram, you can see him come out of his RV that hasn’t had running water in some time, and greeted with a beautiful new truck that is packed to the bri-m with juice.

He looks positively chu-ffed with the offer and no doubt he won’t need to head to the store for a very long time for more juice. That’s not the only thing that has been given since his mete-oric rise to online fame. Nathan was sho-cked when generous strangers pledged more than $10,000 to his bank account the first week after his video went viral on social media.

He says the money raised will help him buy a new RV, because his current one isn’t able to run on its own.The money, which has been received through PayPal, Cash App and Venmo, will help him find somewhere to cook food, clean, and – well – you can imagine what else.

Interestingly, the short video of a dude skateboarding, dri-nking cranberry juice, and vibing to ‘Dreams’ has seen the legendary song sho-ot back up the charts. According to Rolling Stone, the track usually clocks up around 490,000 streams a day, but just a few days after Nathan’s clip h-it the headlines, that figure sh-ot up to an average of a million times a day.

Sales of the song have also increased by an incredible 184 percent from 26 to 28 September, while Spotify revealed the number of streams of ‘Dreams’ had increased by 127 percent. And on top of that, it’s also recorded a 242 percent bo-ost in the number of first-time listeners. The original video gathered so much attention that Fleetwood Mac drummer and bandleader Mick Fleetwood joined TikTok just to recreate the scene.

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