Officer Buys Toothpaste For Homel-ess Man Who Brushing With Baking Soda Because He Could Not Afford It

A kind-heart-ed police officer in Georgia dipped into his own wallet to buy toothpaste for a home-less man after learning he’d been bru*hing his teeth with baking soda. The Duluth Police Department shared Officer Clifford Cavorsi’s act of kindn-ess in a Facebook post on Wednesday, which featured a photo of the cop handing the tube of toothpaste to the man down on his luck.

The department said Cavorsi sprang into action when the man, who was living out of his car, told him that he’d been using baking soda as an alternative to toothpaste because he could not afford to*letri!s and other essential items.

‘Even though this may not be the biggest story you’ve heard, our Duluth officers show empathy for many i!dividu*ls we come acr-oss daily, and this is just one of the stories,’ the department wrote in a Facebook post. ‘Great job, Officer Cavorsi!’

‘Those police officers have BIG HEARTS,’ one person commented. ‘These police officers are real heroes,’ another comm-enter wrote.

‘Why don’t people like these officers get nominated for things like Times Person of the Year or other awards. They should be rewarded, awarded and applauded for these self-less and caring acts.’

Baking soda is an ingred-ient in some name-brand toothpaste products due to its whitening power – and some den*ists regard it as a quality substitute for teeth cleaning for people w***ed about wearing down their enamel. However baking soda lacks the fluoride benefits of regular toothpaste and the taste is fairly off-putting.

Cavorsi’s heartwar*ing act seemed to inspire others, with several commenters saying they would like to donate toiletries and other items for the police to distribute amongst the needy.

This is ha*dly the first time Officer Cavorsi has gone above-and-beyond in his capacity in law enforcement.

In April of last year, Cavorsi was filmed assisting a family of du-cks after a mother’s baby ducklings fell into a storm drain in a video posted to YouTube.

The officer can be seen working with road cr8w personnel and personally placing the baby du-cklings into a pet carrier before reuniting them with their frant!c mother, before the mother duck guides her babies back into a nearby pond, according to 11 Live.

Duluth Public Information Officer Ted Sadowski said that the cage to catch the baby ducks was loaned to them by Banfield Pet Hospital and staff from the nearby Firestone Tires business assisted the officers in opening the drain, the YouTube video caption reads.

‘I believe Officer Cavorsi, Officer Seiferheld and the Duluth Police Department should be held up as a model of what policing in America should be,’ a commenter noted on the department’s Facebook post.

While Officer Cavorsi’s comm-unity contributions make up part of his workload, not everything is as lighth-earted and heartwarming for the Duluth cop.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution rep*rted back in 2016 that Officer Cavorsi was drag-ged by a car for several feet after attempting to make a t*aff!c stop.

Cavorsi had pul-led over the 17-year-old high school student for not wearing a seatbelt before dash-cam video shows the teen taking off from the scene, all while the officer’s arm was stu*k in the car’s driver side window, according to the news outlet.

The teen managed to evade police until eventually being caught and arrested at the Gwinnett Place Mall, while Officer Cavorsi was fo**ed to take time off of work to recover from his in!uri!s, according to the Georgia news outlet.