Oregon Health Official Viral For Dressing Up As Clo-wn To Announce The Latest Covid-19 Loss Toll – VIDEO

Claire Poche gave an update on the loss toll with a big red smile painted on her face. The irony was lost on Poche who was joined by a colleague wearing in an onesie.

They went on to describe how Oregonians could enjoy a Covid-safe Halloween. The women have been sla-mmed after the Oct. 14 video went viral yesterday.

An Oregonian health adviser has dressed up as a clo-wn to announce the state’s Covid loss toll. Claire Poche, a senior member of Oregon Health Authority, had a big red smile painted across her face and wore bright yellow trousers for the sol-emn announcement.

‘As of today, there have been 38,160 cases of COVID-19 in Oregon, with 390 new cases being reported today,’ she said. ‘Sadly, we are also reporting three-loss today, bringing the statewide total for COVID-19-related loss to 608.’

Poche was joined by a colleague dressed up in an animal onesie as they went on to describe how Oregonians could celebrate Halloween safely during the pa-ndemic. Fellow senior adviser Shimi Sharief said ‘it doesn’t mean Halloween still can’t be spo-oky and fun this year.’

Sharief gave some examples of ‘low-r!sk activities’ including ‘online costume contests, watching a sca-ry movie online and carv!ng pumpkins with members of your household.’The video was recorded on October 14 but went viral online after it was highlighted by a local reporter who called it ‘an absolute nightmare.’

Oregonian journalist Samantha Swindler wrote: ‘I’m sorry but who at the Oregon Health Authority thought this was a good idea?’British writer Douglas Murray commented on the video: ‘Oregon. Literally run by clo-wns.’On Wednesday, Oregon recorded another 407 cases of Covid taking its total to 43,228. Another 8 Loss were added to the toll of 673.

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