Police Officer Spent His Lunch With Home-less Woman, Sharing Stories Over Pizza

Their primary role is to protect society by catching the bad guys and reduce cr**e. But there are a few police officers who go beyond their job and do more good to the comm-unity by simply being kind-hearted citizens. Cassie Lea Barnes was on her lunch br-eak when she noticed the police officer sitting on the grass with a home-less woman. She took a photo of this heartwarming moment and sent it to her husband.


Chris Barnes didn’t even think twice about posting the photo. As a police officer roving around Goldsboro, Officer Rivers are familiar with the homeless people in the city as he is friends with most of them. He noticed this woman who he never saw around Goldsboro before. He was about to get on his way when something tugged him to go back.

This moved Officer Rivers so much that he stopped by the nearest pizza store, went back to the home-less woman, and had lunch with her. They shared a pleasant conversation where Officer Rivers learned more about this woman. Her name is Michelle, and her husband was home-less, too. Their 12-year-old daughter is under fos!er care and is battl-ing liver d!sea!e.

They also have a 23-year-old son but didn’t mention more about him. As police officers, a lot of people have neg-ative impressions of them. Officer Rivers thinks that this is the same with home-less people. People perceived both as “bad apples” in society, something that he disagrees with.

It’s not always because they were lazy to find a job but are people who just weren’t given the perfect opportunity. Something that he said “can happen to anybody.” This is also what he wants to portray as a police officer. Officer Rivers was also seen sharing a conversation with a 7-year-old, where he sat down and just listened to what the kid has to say.

He also often visits schools around the comm-unity, takes a short time to play sports with the children, and even saving animals around. Looks like Officer Rivers found a great way to spend his lunch br-eak! Thank you for sharing this post with us…