Rapper 50 Cent Surprised Burger King Employees In Queens By Giving Them $30k In Tip – VIDEO

Now that’s a whopper. 50 Cent recent surprised Burger King employees in his native Queens with tips totaling $30,000.

Alongside social media influencer Jay Mazini, the 45-year-old rapper stopped by the fast food restaurant’s drive-thru to make the massive donation, according to footage posted to the star’s Instagram Tuesday.

“At jaymazini is the real deal,” the “Power” producer captioned his clip. “He saw me in the hood yesterday so we went tonight and showed everybody some love.”

The video begins by showing Mazini speaking to staffers through the window alone, asking employees about their day and if they believe Burger King is “paying right.”

After procla!ming he was there to “show love to you guys,” the Instagram star began handing the group of employees bundles of cash, soon to be joined by 50, further sh*cking the crowd.

“Southside we out side, at jaymazini heart so good i don’t think he can lose,” Jackson said of his partner for the charitable moment. “ME & at 50cent HAD TO SHUT BURGERKING DOWN IN SOUTHSIDE QUESNS ??,” Mazini wrote in his own Instagram post.

“PASSED OVER 30K ME & at 50cent TO THESE HARD WORKERS, DURING THIS PAN*EMIC.”The Instagram star also implied that he and the MC will be working together again in the future, writing “Grew up listening to at 50cent , now we hold conversations & business. Hustlers ambition Gz ?? stay tuned to what’s about to come.”

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