Rapper DaBaby Sends Chilling Thre-ats On Twitter Then Says His Account Was Ha-cked

DaBaby’s Twitter account sent out a few chilling thr*ats and now he’s saying he was ha*ked.

Charlotte rapper DaBaby has undoubtedly been one of the h*ttest acts in hip hop since the start of 2019. Yet, along with that fame and fortune, there have been quite a few mi-ssteps from the rapper.

On Saturday night, he seemingly proudly offered up a be-atdown to anyone looking to challenge him when he tweeted the following: “Ion know who need to hear this, but I’ll slap da f**k out any one of you ni***s and pay for the lawsu!t. Lol noooo cap.”

The “Su-ge” rapper followed up that tweet with one seemingly backpe-daling on his previous statement, instead proposing to keep his bank account free of takers.

“But I’d much rather keep playing p__sy & sit on these M’s,” he tweeted with an angel emoji professing his innocence. Following the line of tweets, fans quickly reminded Dababy of the issues he has already found himself in since he landed on the scene.

One of his most high profile run-ins with the law has been the fa*al sh*oting incident he was involved in at a Walmart in Charlotte while shopping with his kids. Just last week, a video shoot that Dababy attended was spr-ayed with bu*lets, leaving some to believe that it was in retal!ation to the 2018 incident.

The loss  was seemingly labeled as self-defe-nse, and he was only h!t with a mis*emeanor for carrying a concealed we*pon. 2020 brought its own set of problems as DaBaby got into it with a promoter in Miami. The promoter so-calling only gave the rapper $20,000 of the $30,000 previously promised, which resulted in the rapper pouring apple juice on him and making off with $80.00, a credit card, and an iPhone.

In an incident that happened back in December 2019, Dababy so-calling at*acked Cristofher Pocasangre at the Marriott near Beverly Hills after he took a selfy of the rapper without the rapper’s consent. A lawsu!t has recently been issued by Pocasangre surrounding the incident. The rapper also sla-pped a woman in a nightclub back in March, which he apologized for.  DaBaby was possibly in an apologetic mode earlier when he mentioned that his Twitter account was actually ha*ked, which resulted in the recent tweets.“My Twitter was h*cked last night,” he wrote along with a laughing emoji.

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