Rapper Offset Gave A Solid Response To Snoop’s Cr-iticism Of Cardi’s ‘WAP’ – VIDEO

Cardi’s husband, Offset, just weighed into the contr-oversy over Snoop cr!ticizing Cardi B for being too openly se*ual on ‘WAP’ — and his message is basically this … dude, pause.

We got the Migos rapper Saturday in Bev Hills, and asked him about the tiff Snoop ca-used by saying Cardi shouldn’t be so vu*gar in her music — and he tells us that while he loves Snoop and respects him like no other … he says the Doggfather’s got it wrong here.

Check out Offset’s rationale … he makes some very valid points. For starters, he says men should NOT be telling women what to do period — but especially as it pertains to their own business and bodies.

He says that’s been going on for way too long throughout history, and Offset thinks we should uplift ladies now more than ever and let them shine.

More importantly, Offset points out the double standard of male rappers being able to rap in often pretty f!lthy terms — including promoting v!olence, etc. — but don’t catch any fl-ak that a female rapper might when she crosses a line in a man’s mind. Offset also points out that he, too, has children … but that on this front, ya gotta acknowledge it’s entertainment and not a moral compass.

Here’s hoping they can all bre-ak bread after this — sounds like Offset’s cool enough with Snoop to call him up anytime. Snoop Dogg thinks Cardi B needs to re!n it in a little when it comes to talking about and showing off her lady pa-rts — which has a lot of people scr-atching their heads.

The legendary rapper — who’s no stranger to getting ra*nchy — sat down for a virtual interview recently with Central Ave and gave his honest thoughts about Cardi’s hit song ‘WAP,’ which he says is a bit much on the expl!cit front … and not a good look.

He says Cardi should “slow down” when discussing her pr!vates because he feels like a woman’s vag!na is something that should be cher!shed and kept secret for whoever’s fortunate enough to enc-ounter it. He says he’d like to see more privacy and int!macy, and ‘WAP’ pretty much ep!tomizes the exact opposite of that … in his eyes.
Of course, folks were quick to jump on Snoop and call him out for what seems like hypocr!sy — seeing how he’s made a career rapping about women and s*x, and sometimes in very expl!cit terms.

Not to worry, because that irony was not lost on Snoop in his chat — he acknowledged that if he was a younger man, he’d probably be all about it … and might even hop on the ‘WAP’ remix. With that said, he notes that he’s just older and sees things differently now. Snoop mentioned having a daughter changing his perspective on life, but in the same breath … he says she’s “of this generation,” so he tries not to fl-ex too much. Oh, the times … they are a-changing’, Snoop.

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