Rapper T.I Called Out His Relationship With Tiny Harris As A ‘lifetime Entanglement’ On Her Birthday

T.I.’s been using his platform to spe-ak out aga!nst injust-ice, host informational discussions with other celebrities and of course, tr*ll 50 Cent. In his latest post, the rapper took some time out to wish his wife happy birthday – unfortunately, he had to shade another famous couple to do so.

It was on another birthday that T.I. got into a war of words – 50 Cent’s. T.I. challenged 50 Cent to a Verzuz battle on his 50th birthday. The two both have a catalog of h!ts that range from street joints to pop h!ts, and T.I. wants all the sm*ke from 50 Cent’s catalog in a head-to-head battle.

He even invited 50 Cent to bring along collaborators Dr. Dre and Eminem – for the second time.

Previously, T.I. had called 50 to the carpet. “Guess who ain’t scared of your ‘MF’ a–, 50? Bring your hit records with you. You and Dr. Dre and Eminem and gotdamn G-Unit … y’all bring y’all’s asses out. Come see the king.” 50 Cent was unbother-ed, which lead to T.I. reissuing the challenge.

“For your birthday I offer you a challenge, sir,” T.I. said. “Pull yo a– up, man with 20 of your records, man and sit cr**s from me and get this work, man. But I understand if you don’t want to answer to that challenge because last time you got challenged, Kanye West dust-ed yo a– off so, you might not want to do that!”

For his part, 50 Cent responded by reposting a news outlet’s headline and captioning it, “yo somebody passed TI the w**d they gave sm*key in Friday. LOL.”

With all that drama having seemed to quiet down, and without secur-ing his Verzuz challenge, T.I. has resumed his regular posting activities. Since it’s his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle’s 45th birthday, the “Live Your Life” rapper shout*d out his wife of some 20 years.

While the post intended to celebrate his wife of ten years, fans took !ssue with the rapper using the term ‘entanglement’ to describe his and Tiny’s marriage after surv!v-ing some of their own marital sc*nd*ls.

“May nothing h*rtf*l harmful or dangerous Interr*pt this Lifetime Entanglement (?just had to) ????????,” T.I. wrote. Fans didn’t let T.I. forget about his own discretions, lambasting him for his hypocrit-ical use of the joke and pointing out how the two musicians have also been sep*rat*d, and how T.I.’s been accus-ed of ch**ting numerous times.

One fan stated, “Too many emojis. He must be cheating again,’ while someone reacted to the post by saying, “In other words I love you for riding with me even through my lil entanglements.” Another individual commented, “Peeps how his toxic a– thrown that’d entanglement in there.”

It seems as if their bond is clearly tight and while the joke might have been a bit insensitive to the Smith’s, it’s definitely going to take more than some fans being upset to truly break T.I. and Tiny’s marriage.