Real Life Rapunzel Trolled For Her 5ft 10inch Long Locks Whom She Hasn’t Cut For 15 Years

A woman calls herself “Japan’s Rapunzel” as she’s spent 15 years growing out her jaw-dropping locks. Dancer and model Rin Kambe from Tokyo was never permitted to have long hair as a child.

She was on the girl’s football team so had to keep it short. But when Rin turned 20-years-old, she decided to grow her tresses out as a “we-apon of expression”.

She hasn’t had a hair cut since and her barnet now brushes across the floor. Her locks are an incredible 5ft 10in long, which is four-inches longer than her height of 5ft 6in.

Rin revealed: “I grew up with strict parents and when I was a kid, I was on the girls’ soccer team and always had a short c-ut because of this. ”I grew my hair when I started dancing seriously at around twenty and my hair is now floor length.

“I began to grow my hair because I wanted to shine in my own way.“It felt like my hair was a we-apon of expression.It grew naturally and healthily and is a thing of beauty.”I think the perseverance to keep doing one thing without giving up gave me confidence.“I don’t think I had the spirit to make the impossible possible without giving up before.”

Rin thinks her hair encapsulates the “beauty of Asia” and gets plenty of positive reactions from strangers. Some are more cr!tical of her long locks – but she refu-ses to let their words hold her back. The dancer said: “I get a lot of reactions to my hair. There are men in the world who appreciate it and there are also people who think that it is a mo-nster.

“I think it’s only natural that there are different opinions in the world and if I didn’t believe in myself I would be swa-yed by the neg-ative opinions.”I’m willing to accept other people’s opinions. Either way, I’m glad people are interested in me because I transform it into a strength that shines in my own way.”I get asked, ‘Is that real hair?’ because people can’t believe I’ve grown my hair this long.

“I am very happy if people, men, and women alike, feel amazing when they see my dance show and how I use my hair in my performances.”The Rapunzel fan keeps her long locks healthy by eating iron-rich foods, having seven hours of sleep per night, and staying active. She explained: “I eat a lot of iron-rich food and eat a well-balanced diet.

She explained: “I eat a lot of iron-rich food and eat a well-balanced diet. Rin also keeps her hair out of the way by tying it up. She added: “I can’t change my clothes or do anything unless I put my hair up. I change my outfits several times a day so it’s easier for me to tie it up.”

This Article First Published On DAILYSTAR