Singer k. Michelle Had An Oops Moment Her Instagram Live Video Where Amid Her Dancing To Cardi Hit

Cardi B’s latest single “Up” tells us simply that “if it’s up, then it’s st*ck”, but there could very well be some instances where that does not apply. Case in point, K. Michelle’s latest Instagram Live session where am!d her dancing to Cardi’s latest h!t, her twerk didn’t necessarily have its usual bo-unce.

K. Michelle just wanted to party and have fun with/for her Instagram followers. The mood was set as was the camera for the “Supahood” singer to titillate her followers. Dressed in an all-bla-ck s**y ensemble, Michelle steps away from the camera while “Up” provides the background music.

It is when she moved her body to the side to provide viewers a better angle of her twerking that both herself and those that were logged on to the Instagram Live session saw a discrepancy.

In the video, the singer’s backside appears to show a deform!ty as it is seemingly dro-oping lower than usual as she twerks. Once K. Michelle seems to notice, she begins to awkwardly position herself away from the camera.

K. Michelle has been vocal on her *ssues with the implants in the past. The singer shared with People in 2018 that for her inje-ctions that she chose the “black market” route, which was proven to not have been the best decision. “He wasn’t a doctor — it was bla-ck market,” she said.

“It was these ‘h*drogel’ inje-ctions — that’s what they were being called. When I found out my favorite rapper did it, that’s when I decided, ‘I’m getting it done.’”

Over the years Michelle has also shared her complications stemm-ing from the implants including fatigue, migraines, and other various p**ns. The silicone eventually spre-ad throughout her body, damag!ng t!ssue in the process.

Michelle finally made the decision to remove the implants, updating her millions of social media during the process. After multiple reconstructive s*rger*es, she took to Instagram in late November to give an update. “S*rg*ry went well,” the post read. “I got my b**t back the healthy way.

My last b**t was named Betsy, what should I name this one??????” She also captioned the post, “My silicone removal and reconstruction is complete. I can tw*rk again with the kno-ck knees.”

Last September, K. Michelle announced that she had a new show that was picked up by Lifetime. With the show, the singer hopes that these women will begin the journey to becoming healthy again.

“I’m so excited about this because instead of being on TV acting a fo-ol, this is my opportunity to save some lives and change the narrative for these women,” she said. “It’s something I’ve been praying for, f!ght!ng about.

Just know that when you feel like you’re counted out, and when you’re down to nothing, God is always up to something.”

She added, “I’m so excited about this opportunity because it’s something different and it’s something that I get to do in order to help the female commun-ity and to just help women.

This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for years. No matter how long it takes, God will allow it if it’s supposed to be.” The show is set to begin production this month.