Son Pushed His New BMW Into A River Because He Was Demanding For A Jaguar Car From His Parents-Video

A 22-year-old man dr*ve his new BMW 3 series sedan into a canal because he was ups-et it was not a Jaguar, the Times of India reported — but his father disput*s the account from police. Local authorities in Yamunanagar, India said the inc!dent happened Aug. 10 in the Western Yamuna Canal, according to the report.

The luxury car was a birthday gift from his parents, which they purchased after selling another car in order to purchase it, the Times of India reported.

“Akash was demanding for a Jaguar car from his father, but when his father fa*led to buy one, he threw away his BMW in a f-it of anger,” a local police official told the outlet.

“His family had sold the Innova they had received from his in-laws to buy him the BMW.” Police cla*med that the parents said their son suff-ers from undisclos-ed mental health !ssues, according to the Times. Officials reportedly don’t plan to make an arr*st, as no compla-ints were filed.

“Sources said that after push*ng the car into the canal, Akash made a video and forwarded it to his parents,” the newspaper reported.

However, Akash’s father reportedly defended his son, deny*ng that he ever “demanded a Jaguar” for his birthday and cla*m*ng the incident was an acc*d*nt.

“We have two cars, a BMW and a Swift. My son never demanded a Jaguar car,” Sanjeev Kumar told the Times.

Kumar maintained that Akash and the BMW ended up in the canal after his son tried to swerve and avo-id an antelope that was block-ing the road, the Times reported.

After several hours — and “with the help of divers, villagers and an earth-moving machine” — the subm*rged car was finally taken out of the water, the Times reported.