Maritime Students Monica Graduated First-Class Honours In Marine Engineering “If You Dream It, You Can Achieve It”

Monica Nancy Candy, a most recent college graduate has as of late uncovered graduating with a top of the line in Marine Engineering. The Regional Maritime University past understudy shared that her scholarly excursion was not a smooth one yet God’s effortlessness, intelligence and strength supported her Eddie Aupa Rantshilo lauded Monica: “Rousing to be sure.

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You deserve it, lady of courage. More elegance. A beautiful young woman known as Monica Nancy Candny has as of late taken to virtual entertainment to report her most recent scholastic accomplishment with her devotees. Monica revealed that she effectively moved on from the Regional Maritime University with a top notch in Marine Engineering.

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“Congrats to me! At long last, I am leaving Regional Maritime University with no trouble at all. Today I have graduated with a five star honor in BSc Marine Engineering. I am thankful to God. On the off chance that were not for God where in the world have I been?”

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Monica who went to the Regional Maritime University, Ghana, West Africa packed away her Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Engineering. She uncovered through her Linkedin profile that she graduated decisively having stowed a top notch degree.

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“Today I have graduated with a five star honor in BSc Marine Engineering, I am thankful to God. Assuming were not for God where in the world have I been?,” she composed. Monica had before gone to the Liberia Maritime Training Institute (LMTI), Liberia to pack an Associate Degree in Marine/Electrical Engineering prior to continuing for her Bachelor’s Degree.

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The cheerful young lady conceded that her scholarly excursion was not a simple one yet she has God to thank for giving her the strength and required elegance to succeed eventually. “The fight was difficult by any stretch of the imagination, however with God everything is conceivable. I’m thankful for his effortlessness, gifts, Favor, intelligence and Knowledge” At the hour of this distribution, Monica’s post has accumulated nearly 4,000 remarks with north of 34,000 responses and 124 offers.