Tank, An R&B Singer, Has Announced His Retirement From The Music Industry

Tank, an R&B singer, said on Instagram on Wednesday that his right ear is “getting fully deaf” and his left ear is losing hearing. Before relaying the news, he added in the video, that he is going deaf, and he wants to utilize his circumstance to inspire people’s situation. ” Durrell Babbs, the singer, and performer stated he suffers from dizziness and “can’t walk a straight line.”

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The 45-year-old, who has created songs for Aaliyah, Jamie Foxx, and Keyshia Cole, claimed the diagnosis came “out of nowhere” and that he has been attending physicians and taking medicine ever since. He added that it has not yet offered him a cause to quit up, hoping that his tenacity in the face of the news will serve as an example. The “When We” performer pledged to keep his fans up to date on his treatment progress. Just to show you how it works, he is going to film the whole affair.

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Tank provided an update on his most current doctor’s appointment on Thursday, revealing that his hearing had registered weaker that day. The singer’s checkup also disclosed a misaligned septum, which he accepted with a smile. After a brief pause, he said, “Look, if you genuinely enjoy my songs or my performance, tell me right now.” “Don’t put it off till I’m deaf or confined to a wheelchair… I want to be able to dance and revel immediately. I’d like to smell whatever flower you’re going to offer me.”

Zena Foster, his wife, quipped on Instagram, she loves him and she can talk loudly. Tank, which has over 1.8 million Spotify followers, has garnered a lot of love from celebrities like Jamie Foxx and Kevin Hart. “King, hold your head up up….remain strong and happy…” Hart said in the remarks. Throughout his career, Tank has gotten five Grammy nominations, along with an R&B album award in 2007 for “S**, Love & P**n.”

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The album’s title track, as well as “Force of Nature” in the Billboard 200 top ten. The composer and producer told The New York Times in late 2018, after his first platinum h**, “When We,” was released that summer that he has done platinum singles for other people, but this is the first instance he gone platinum on his work,”