Teacher Shared Amazing Tips How To Multiply Any Number by 99 Without Calculator Use

A Canadian math teacher has amazed TikTok users for her incredibly easy tri*k for multiplying any number by 11. The teacher, who has earned a huge following acr-oss social media platforms under the name Silent Math, freq-uently shares mathematics help on her channels — including a few speedy tri*ks to make algebra a breeze.

And in one clip that’s been viewed 25.5 million, she breaks down how to multiply any number in just seconds, without the use of a calculator or pen and paper.

Silent Math, who is based in Ontario, has been teaching math for more than 10 years and offers paid tutoring courses online — as well as plenty of free help on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

In a video shared on March 29, she shared the ’11s tri*k,’ which makes it easier to multiply another number by 11.

First, you separate the digits of the number you’re multiplying by 11 — so if you’re solving for 11 x 32, you’d separate 32 into 3 and 2.

Then you add those numbers together. For example, 3 plus 2 is 5. Finally, you put that sum between the two original numbers — so 5 goes between 3 and 2 for 352 — which is the result for 11 x 32.

The 11s tri*k video has earned 3.5 million likes, as well as thousands of shocked and grateful comments.

‘WHERE WERE YOU WEHN I FAILED MATH?!’ demanded one commenter.

‘Teachers could have just taught us this…’ wrote another. Others chimed in with their own helpful tips, like pointing out what to do if the two digits add up to 10 or more.

For example, with 11 x 46, 4 plus 6 is 10. The 0 from the number 10 would go between the 4 and 6, while the 1 from the number 10 would added to to the 4, making the total 506.

Silent Math has shared several other helpful tips that have gone viral, including how to multiply any number by 99.

Replying to a video in which user @munchie.michelle does the super-sp*edy math in her he-ad, Silent Math br**ks down how others can do it too.

‘The tri*k to multiplying by 99 is to multiply the other number by 100 first, then subtr-acting it from itself,’ she says.

For example, for 99 x 18, you would multiply 18 by 100, coming up with 1800. Then, subtr-act 18 from that total, which gives you 1782.