The Best Man Speech Of A Brother With Autism Moves Wedding Guests To Tears

This is the ‘groomsman speech ever,’ delivered by the groom’s brother, who suffers socially yet has everybody in tears and hilarity. Sam Waldron, 23, told a crowd that his older brother, Jonah Waldron, 27, is his “idol” and has “never looked down on me.” Sam discusses how his autism causes him to fear interacting with others, but his brother reminds him that “being different is a great strength, not a weakness.”

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Groom Jonah couldn’t hold back his cries of joy as he watched his younger brother perform such a fantastic job. Sam and Jonah were born and raised together and attended the same school despite being only four years apart in age. Sam was diagnosed with autism when he was 7 years old, and he struggled in str**sful social situations. “During the school day, he would come to visit me for help with a topic or just to take a break,” Jonah explained.

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Jonah added that his parents and him were the only people he felt safe confiding in about any social issues he was experiencing. Jonah, the caring older brother, was even encouraged to pursue a career as a Unique Education Teacher to assist other children with special needs. Madison and Jonah met at Wartburg University, and when Jonah introduced Sam to his lady love, the two fell instantly close.

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“Once he met Maddy, he felt fully at ease straight away,” Jonah added. On July 23, while on vacation in Colorado, the pair got engaged. As soon as they came home, Jonah asked Sam to be his best man. Jonah explained that he always wanted Sam to be the best man.”He seemed quite delighted, but you could tell he was app**hensi!e as well.”
Sam spent two days polishing his speech well before an important day this year on July 3.

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He explained that he would basically sit there and read the speech out several times to his Aunt Collen, his dad, and Andrew Hoyt. Sam took the stage in front of 170 wedding guests to give his speech. “My best moment was when he was describing to Maddy that she brought him serenity,” Jonah added, “because that is precisely how I would explain how she is with Sam.

” After he concluded, Sam got a round of applause, and the newlyweds hurried over to tell him what a fantastic job he had done. The monologue was videotaped and posted to Jonah’s TikTok account, where it quickly went viral, garnering over 6.2 million views and 760,000 likes. Thank you for influencing so many people with your moving speech, Sam.