The IQ Of 9-Year-Old Girl Is Greater Than That Of Albert Einstein And Stephen Hawking

At nine, a young Mexican City native displays her unique intellectual talents, breaking popular preconceptions about people with developmental di**bilit**s. With an outstanding IQ of 162, Adhara Pérez Sánchez, an exceedingly bright little girl, has already created a reputation for herself in academic circles.

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This number is somewhat higher than that of legendary geniuses like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, who had an approximate IQ of 160, as per PEOPLE. Young Pérez has already completed high school and is pursuing two degrees: industrial engineering, focusing on mathematics, and systems engineering. Pérez, who has Asperger’s s**r**e, a developmental di**a*e part of the autistic spectrum and can create issues with social relationships, told the Yucatan Times that she “made a joke in school.”

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Because of her handicap, other kids would b**ly her, calling her names like “weirdo” and “oddball.” “I noticed Adhara was playing in a little home, and they had her tied up.” “And they started chanting, ‘Oddball, weirdo!'” Nallely Sanchez, her mother, told the publication. ‘Then they started striking the small home,’ says the narrator. As a result, I told her, “I don’t want her to suffer.”

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Sanchez said that her daughter went into a “very deep” despair and no longer wanted to attend school, even though she was a brilliant young student. Sanchez recognized that her daughter’s unique intelligence at home meant that the current schooling plan wasn’t the best fit for her, so she sought treatment for Pérez. This was a watershed moment for the family, as they were able to recognize the girl’s exceptionally high IQ and seek a learning environment that accommodated her distinct skill sets.

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Pérez excelled academically; as a result, graduating from elementary school at the age of five, middle school at the age of six, and high school at the age of eight. She is presently enrolled in Universidad CNCI in Mexico, where she is studying systems engineering and mathematics, according to KNSD. Despite juggling her academics, the young prodigy found time to publish a book on her experiences with the title “Do Not Give Up,” which was included in Forbes México’s list of the 100 Most Powerful Women in Mexico.Meanwhile, the adolescent is working on a new smart wristband to assist autistic children.

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The technology will monitor the emotions of differently-abled youngsters, anticipating and averting seizures and other outbursts, according to Vogue México. “I’m inventing a bracelet that measures kids’ emotions,” the young prodigy revealed, “and then parents will be able to know what feeling their kids are having by checking a phone, tablet, or computer.”